Guilty of struggling!

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    Simply calorie watching
    I'm such a struggler and restarter all rolled into one! I have done this weight loss journey about three times over the last few years and I am sick of myself as I have dropped again and let myself gain a bit more weight after I'd lost a load. It's so easily done.....I need some help, encouragement and motivation and I'm sure this place is the right place to come.

    I don't look massive but I sure feel it, I am a size 16 at the moment and would love to be smaller. However most people are surprised when they find out I am that size, they say I don't look as fat as I probably feel. My hips and tops of legs are the worst parts to gain, my arms seem to stay slim.

    I am working alone so need some support from friends. I have been to a gym before but to be honest I didn't like it much as the owner of the place was a completely nasty piece of work so I left and don't fancy joining anywhere else after that experience! So I will work with some forum friends as my motivation.
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    can't stick to just one!
    Hi there. I am aiming to start again tomorrow. Also looking for a weight loss buddy for motivation.I hope we find the support we need on our journeys. Best of luck xoxo
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    I could do with a support buddy too.

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