Guinea pigs

Discussion in 'Pets Corner' started by tanyarose, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. tanyarose

    tanyarose Member

    Anyone else here have guinea pigs? I have five and they get spoilt rotten! I have 2 boys J.J and Ted and 3 girls Olga, Ruby and Lucy. I keep them indoors, don't think you can beat a cuddle with a guinea pig :D
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  3. MissClara

    MissClara Member

    I had one , i always had too search the house after him, was always escaping..
  4. Cahrlierogers

    Cahrlierogers Full Member

    I have one in my room she is my second I would live another though mine is called millie she is a creasted abbsiynan (cant spell)

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  5. jmacka93

    jmacka93 New Member

    I have 5 too :) 3 girls - Penny, Luna and Parker and 2 boys - Ollie and Oscar. I love them to bits!!
  6. lydia86

    lydia86 Full Member

    I have three girls named Peppa, Holly and Daisy...named by my 3yr old daughter! I do love my piggies but Peppa is not keen on being handled! Xx
  7. Moominator

    Moominator New Member

    I love guinea pigs!

    I have 2 little boys, Bentley and Chester, they're 2 and half years old! Chester is a self cream while Bentley is a silver and white agouti, they live in my room :)
  8. Don Zoroscia

    Don Zoroscia Full Member

    I adore guinea pigs. I had two, one called Alba, the other called Gin. Alba was a lively little Albino with a brown nose, and Gin was an old grump. Sadly, they're both gone now but they were wonderful pets!
  9. Rohanya

    Rohanya Member

    I LOVE guinea pigs! So much so that I am currently devoted mum to 28 of them! I've had them all my life and since graduating and getting a job my number's just exploded as I've been able to afford to buy the housing for them (piggy shed!).

    Addictive little critters. I'll have them for the rest of my days, I think!

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