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gutted!!!dont do it !!


going to do it!!!!
hi there, tomorrow will be the start of my 5th week doing atkins and ive been great all the time except for a little blip last monday with thorntons choccys and then yesterday i dont know what came over me and had a massive carb blowout had fish n chips, cake then went out with darren last night as we had babysitter(a very rare occurance) so i drank bottle of lager and then finnished the night of with a curry:cry::cry::cry:
im gutted dont even know why i did it , i did enjoy what i had but not the way i feel today i feel awful, bloated and really sickly AND ive put on 6lb how on earth can one days eating carbs make you put this much on????
back on the straight and narrow now though and am hoping to lose this weight gain by next week. if anyone who reads this is considering eating any bad carbs DONT DO IT its just not worth it , learn by my mistake:sigh:
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Aw dont be too hard on yourself, everyone has the odd slip. The way you feel bad after eating the carbs should help you get back on track - Id say that 6lbs is not accurate and there is prob some fluid too so just relax and see what your WI brings.


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Aw Josie, NO beating yourself up! and no panicking! Its done now. As Annie says the 6lbs probably includes quite a bit of water. Starting today follow induction for a few days, drink plenty of water and you will soon be back to where you were before last night.

We are all human and these things are going to happen - you are probably going to feel a bit crappy for a couple of days after all those carbs but the best thing you can do is put it behind you and go forwards.



Call me Linzi...
Wise words from the ladies above... plenty of water & you'll have washed those dirty carbs out of your system & rid yourself of most of the 6lbs. It happens babes... don't beat yourself up. xx


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we've all been there and done that Jo, just get back on track love.


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Josie - get back on track and put it behind you x I darent even try anything naughty at all as I would be the same!