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Gutted - down and out (almost)


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
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I have not posted on here for a while, missed you all :(

Basically i was admitted into hospital on Monday night due to burst boil going bad and i was kept there until Tuesday evening. They operated on my cavity left by the boil and removed some of the skin that went bad.

I have not been able to do the diet for a week or so now and i am so gutted as i want to go back on it and don't want to ruin all my good work up until now. I checked with the nurse yesterday and she said it was best i did not do it as i needed protien's etc to help the wound heal. It is quite a big wound (around 4cm by 3cm) on my back.

What do i do?? Any help and suggestions would greatly help guys.
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I would listen to medical advice!!


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I would listen to medical advice!!
Ditto! Our health is all we have. Stick to high protein, low fat/carb for the time being and you should still maintain your losses while you recover. Then you can think about returning to tfr.
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was wondering where you were!

Sorry to her all this, sounds like a nightmare.

professional medical advice should ALWAYS be followed! do the diet again when you're totally recovered, do not jeopardise your health.

this will give you the opportunity to get good at healthy eating for when you're at goal.

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Aw hun, sound like you have had a tough time!

I am no 'expert' but I would suggest it probably best to follow advice from the medical experts, if they are saying you shouldnt be TFR whilst in recovery, then you shouldnt. Mind you, I have found many so called health experts to be overly sceptical of TFR dietrs like LT.

Probably best to give it a 2-week rest, although it is DEFINITELY harder to get back on 100% TFR after a break, maybe consider having 2 shakes a day and a light protein meal to get you through the rough spell, as that would be easier to get back into the diet routine after.

Good luck hun!
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Sorry to hear about your hospital incident, I hope the wound heals well and quickly for you.

You have done really well up to date! You should be very pleased!

Best things is lipotrim is going no where, and you will be able to go back on it when your wound has healed.

I would take this time, to enjoy your achievement to date, and to practice how you are going to be when you get to your final weight loss goal.

Eat healthy and enjoy having lots of veg, fruit, and lean meat, fish etc.

This will also help your wound to heal quickly having so many good nutrients.

If you can maintain your weight now, and enjoy eating it will fill you with more confidence and experience for when you get to your goal that you will be able to maintain forever, which is the most important thing!

Best wishes on your recovery and weight loss! :)
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awww poor you. health is more important. take the advice. you will soon be back on track, once everything has healed. x
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Sorry to hear what you have been through, best to eat a healthy well balanced diet until you fully recover and then start lt again. Dont look at it as a negative becuase its positive in the fact that you have a wound that needs to get better. thinking of you xx
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Agreed on all fronts re: health being the most important thing. Awww you poor love :-(

Mind you... I've found that a lot of doctors even know NOTHING about LT so why don't you phone the LT helpline and see if you can get a definitive answer. They might be able to give you medical advice...?

Hope you're feeling much better soon hun- and even if you have to go back onto food for a while it doesn't mean you'll undo your good work- stay positive



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Ditto all of the above. Have a lean meat and vegetable meal each day and LT for the rest of the time and see how it goes. If it works then bonus - if not then at least your health is not being put at risk and you can always come back to LT tho will be harder to do. Good Luck with that. xx
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Oh, I'm really sorry to hear about your problems! I think you need to follow their advice - low carb, high protein until you can do TFR is probably a good idea.

Hope you feel better really soon!!


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