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although my scales at home told me ive lost 4 pounds over the last 3 weeks,
the Drs scales have not said the same...
im wearing a extra pair of socks, and a vest, and an extra top (although thin...) surely they dont weigh 4 lb... so i dont know whats going on... :(
im so ticked off with myself. ive not had time to do anything (but i think that might just be an excuse more than anything..)

oh well.. must try harder... ive got another app on the 4th Jan, so 2 weeks time.. lets hope that comes up with a better result.......

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awh kes hunni, there could be lots of reasons are u due TOTM, maybe retaining fluid, needing to go to the toilet .... i know these seem like excuses but can all easily account for 4lb.

Im sure you the scales will be better for you in 2 weeks.

Hope u have a lovely christmas and please dont be too gutted you've done amazingly well so far xxx


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Could be a lot of reasons Kes, different time of day, full tummy etc.

Just write it off and move on!!


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never mind hun! all you can do is put it behind you now!

as W2bym says you have done so well up to now1 dont let a little set back hold u back!


love katie

ps has the postie delivered u a package yet?


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diff scales say diff things =[ her scales may have been at diff ground level and settings =[ dont worry just go by your scales as the docs have hundreds of people on n off em.. xx