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dont be upset - look at the last 2 week - a loss overall of 3lbs. Thats 1.5 per week.

If you continue to stick to plan i am sure next week it will show more so on the scales. But dont be upset by ANY means - you should be proud - a loss is a loss.

Well done on losing 0.5lb :) Any loss is better than a gain, and 0.5lb still means you've done something right. I have had weeks where I have stuck to plan 100% and still had a gain, even when it's not * week. I don't let it upset me though because I look at how much I have lost (2 ½ st) and an incy lil gain is just a drop in the ocean compared to that.

Stick with it.... as long as you are getting losses, you are on the right track.

This is what 1lb of fat looks like, so you have still lost half of that, which is amazing!!
Just had weigh in....... 0.5lb loss. I'm gutted. I've stuck to plan 100%, it's no where near * week, so I don't know where I've gone wrong :( It's the lowest loss I've ever had :( :cry:
rachael dont get down - as the others have said it a loss-- its your body readjusting to previous loss
Thanks everyone, I'm going to stick to it. This is the only 'diet' that I've stuck to EVER!! And I've never lost more than a few lbs before, so overall I'm still smiling lol :D


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That is a long absence! And how are you getting on. I had a bad week, putting on a pound and three quarters. Very cross with myself as I only have myself to blame.

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