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Gone, but who cares huh
i went for my hospital appointment and the specialist says i have to come off cd, as he wants my blood back to normal for the tests i will be having now and in december, apparently ketosis changes the blood, and they need mine to be `normal for me` so they can see what treatment does for me, without worrying about the ketosis changing things,
so im still a stone away from and will have to do ww or sw, for the rest of it, he was very complimentary about cd, so its not like he has a problem with it, but he says i must come off for 6months, so today i will go upto 1000, as i have been doing 790, and i will do a week at the stages so i dont und any good work done, like last time i was on cd im quite scared of coming out of ketosis, as its like my security blanket, lol, cos im lucky i am just not hungry in ketosis, but i was ok last time so im sur ei will be fine this time,
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Aww Gill. I am sorry to hear that you have to stop CD. However, SW and WW are just as good, if you stick to them.
Your health is really important and obviously you need to listen to the Specialist. When everything is settled, you can always come back!!

Just don't be a stranger!!!


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Awwww sweetie, i'm sorry you're a bit disappointed about coming off CD but as Mrs V says you can always come back on it. Think of it as a little holiday, and when you've done what you need to you can go back to 'normal'.
Hope everything goes well for you.
Ray. xx
No worries Hun,

You can still loose weight on the other plans, just a little slower.

I know this is a disappointment for you but as you know you don't have to come off CD just of the VLCD elements of it. The 1000, 1200 and 1500 are all excellent and you eat healthy low GI food. Gradually increase the calorie values have a minimum of 1200 cals two weeks prior to your tests.

The higher programmes are healthy eating plans that are well balanced.



Gone, but who cares huh
thanks everyone and your right linda i will be doing 1000 now for a few weeks then 1200 for a few then 1500, so i may get to my goal within that time, as i need to lose a stone still, and from what i remember the first time i had decent losses on 1000 and 1200,
The important thing is that your blood is 'normal' Gill and as you know you'll still lose that last stone on the upper stages of CD. Your health is far more important isn't it? It's good that a Dr can actually agree with vlcd's too as when I was in hospital last year all I got was earache from the medical people telling me that it's not safe etc. :rolleyes::mad:


Gone, but who cares huh
thanks carol, i know and its kidney stuff too as well as the vasilitus, so i can see their point, i dont think i will lose a stone on the stages though, but as son as my vascilitus rash goes i can go swimming again, and that will help,


Gone, but who cares huh
thanks carol, hubby said that as well, he said its not like i put it all back on and i recognised the need to lose, i just hope to god i have learnt my lesson on food, cos no-one wants to do cd lol, its a necessary evil lol, it just means no skinny muffins to go with the skinny lattes on a friday after i pick mark up from work, lol, me and mark go to starbucks every friday after he finishes work the one by castle street i think it is, as i love the coffee there, its a treat and we get to chat without the child earwigging lol, but we havnt been while i have been on the diet, and im looking forward to going again soon, but no cakes lmao, hey why dont you meet up and have a coffee with us one week !!

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