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I can only say that was a bad weekend.

Friday afternoon on the way home, my car was hit by another car from behind, which then pushed my into a car coming the otherway.

After being trapped in the car for just over an hour, i was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, luckily no broken bones, but a bad cut in my head (which now has about 12 staples in it..so a thumpy headache today..but i'm back at work)

I was kept in friday and saturday night, as they wanted to do a few tests as my sight was slightly blurred, and they wanted to make sure i was 100% before leaving, which makes a change really, as normally you're thrown out after a few hours.

Downside is...i was off CD for the whole weekend, and i wasn't given much water, even after i was requesting it a lot, it just never seemed to appear. I ate the hospital food, which to be honest, tasted quite nice, although i never ate any puddings etc..

So i'm geared up to the fact that i'll be waay out of Ketosis.
Although, a small price to pay considering what could've happened.
Either way, i just hope it's not knocked me too far out, as i was really doing well.

I'm back on track this morning...got dropped off at work for 2 reasons..
1. i'm still getting very sore heads through the day, along with randomn nosebleeds.
2. My car is fecked !!! :sigh:

I've got to go for another checkup tomorrow, and they'll assess me again, and consider if i'm fit to drive.

I've came to work as it's actually nice and quiet here, and i'm not on the phones this week, so can just sit and take it easy.

Might not be on here too much this week, as i'm getting a sore head using the PC aswell.

In the meantime i'm getting stuck back into the water...and i hope everything balances itself out.

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Sorry to hear about the accident.

Give your CDC a ring and have a chat, if you were under me I would be moving you up the programmes so you got extra protein to help with the healing and would run this past the medical officer at Cambridge HQ just to make sure you are doing the best thing for your body.



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ouch! I'd follow Icemoose's advice, but well done for getting back on track after such a horrible weekend

Hope you are feeling better soon
Sorry to hear about your accident - that head wound sounds very nasty. Try to take it easy and not worry too much about the diet, sounds like your appetite is wrecked anyway.

Be kind to you and let others work around you!!

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oh my god, sounds like youve had a very lucky escape. Hope you have a very speedy recovery and your insurance company sort out your payout nice and quickly so you can get back on the road.

I wouldnt worry too much about the diet, youve had a nasty shock and ssing is probably not the best thing for you right now. Just try to go for damage limitation until you are fully recovered and then get back into the diet properly.


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Tom , Get well soon , and CD will be waiting for you when you get better

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Thank Goodness you weren't seriously hurt Tom!!

Just take it easy...don't beat yourself up over the fact that you haven't stuck to the plan over the weekend...all things considered I don't think it's going to do too much damage!


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You had a lucky escape Tom. Hope you make a full recovery soon. Take care


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Poor you! Big hugs!
As a matter of interest, soluble Solpadeine or similar is about the best thing for relieving headaches caused by a head injury because the muscles haven't tensed up 'naturally' and so struggle to untense; not sure why but the soluble stuff seems to work better than tablet paracetamol or even the stuff the hospital gives you.
(I was attacked by falling luggage leaving Edinburgh Waverley a couple of years ago, two trips to A&E, a week off work before and a trip to the doctor before I got this gem of wisdom).
Hope you feel better soon.
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Big picture. You're ok, the car's covered on insurance and CD will be still here when you're able.

Concentrate on getting better and speak to your CDC.

Oh and have an early night.

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