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Oh Blondie. Congratulations for getting through week one and well done on your loss!

I know it can be disheartening when you have lost more with eating but everyone is different, you may lose double that next week? Also depends if you were watching what you were eating before you started lipotrim? Is it that time of month or coming up to? I can gain up to 5lbs the week before I even get my friendlys! Were you drinking enough water?

Please dont be disheartened, 5lbs is nearly half a stone and much much better off rather than on. Chin up lovely!
5lbs is really good! Like someone said its nearly half a stone!
you should be proud of yourself and be glad that its off!
Just think- your over the worst of it- its always going to get easier from here!
dont give up!
no its not totm and have been drinkin lots of water didnt even cheat its sickening to think i lost more in first week of ww eating actually food!!!
If you weren't munching loads of carbs the week before you started LT then your first week's loss will consist of a smaller proportion of glycogen (water) than those who are carb junkies and have more glycogen to lose ...

5lb is a FAB loss and it's in weeks 2,3,4 and onwards that you'll see a difference between LT and WW.
You might have lost 7lb in your first week at WW but a proportion of that would have been glycogen (as it is on most diets) but I bet your losses then settled down to 1 or 2lb a week ... averaging about half a stone per month. Now you're going to see a STONE PER MONTH melt away so keep the faith - you're doing great!
thanks for the reassurance... goin to give it one more week anyway if its not higher than 5 thats it for me i think!!
The weight losses promised on a VLCD state an AVERAGE monthly loss so to see if this really does work, you should at give it at least a month. That'll take into account ALL monthly fluctuations that we girlies encounter.
I lost 5lbs on my fist ever week with CD, I still lost 5st in 4 months!!!

Keep at it matey, it is quicker in the long run x

Deb G

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Most diets you are only expected to lose 2lb a week - you've more than doubled that! Don't lose heart - its a HUGE leap in the right direction! Right now I'd be chuffed to bits with a 5lb loss!
worst thing is my dad is doin it too and he got weighed and he lost 11 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 pound seems a joke for not eating atall!! :( think they gave me complan instead of the lipo shakes!! :cry::break_diet::mad::badmood::banghead:


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Aww Hunny, I know how you feel its so disheartening isn't it. But please please give it just one month to see how you feel then, like Debbie said earlier, its over the weeks that you will see a difference. You might loose 5 pound a week and you wouldn't get that on WW long term!

CHin up and big hugs, Keep at it. xx


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5 lb is alot , take a look at 2 bags of sugar and pick them up . Got to think its alot .


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A girl in my LL group (way back when:rolleyes:) lost 5lbs in her first week and she too was gutted.... LLC even asked it she'd stuck to it and she was really put out cos she had...:mad: Anyway the following week she lost 6lbs and then went on to loose over 6-7 stone and was Young Slimmer of the Year and didn't go off plan once.... like the others have said it is a average of a stone per month so at least give it a month.... and ignore them men... they always loose faster than us ladies.... lucky buggers....;):rolleyes::D
I've just been for my 1st weigh in & I've only lost 5lb too, i lost 7lb in the 1st week when i did it 2 years ago, but i won't give up if u don't xx
hey il stick at it and see what happens next week.. goin to go to th gym this week too me thinks!! u want to loose much? hope for about 2 stone:wave_cry:
i have to loose 2 also how long u think it wil take?

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