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hi i've been doing cd for 2 weeks on wed and in my first week i only lost 2lbs and i was gutted as everyone has lost lots in first week i know everyone is different and that i understand. it was also TOTM so i pulled myself together and have done another week but i cant help getting on the scales at home and so far i know i have 2 days till my weight in but i have only lost 2lbs again and i dont know how much more i can do this. is this what its going to be like??? all the way through i need to lose 4 stone and dont think i can do this losing 2lbs a week till i have lost that has anyone else ever had the same problem ????? thanks :cry:
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Hi darling, don't worry! I know its easy for me to say that, but honestly its just your body adjusting to all the different things going on. You still have 2 days to your weigh in, and amazing things can happen in 2 days. I had situations like yours, and then lost loads in a couple of days. If you are sticking 100% to the rules, then you will be losing weight but sometimes initially your body will replace that lost fat with water temporarily. Hang on in there hunny xxx

Deb G

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I've replied to your post in the CD forum - hope it helps.
Hi JS,

Agree with Eclipse, hang on in there. Thinks can change even in a day.
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Hi JS :)

I agree with everyone...just hang in there!!!! You would be surprised how much can be lost in 2 days:D

If you keep getting on the scales hun, then you will be seeing every little or not so little fluctuation in your weight whereas if you could resist getting on them frequently...then you would never know until weigh day :)

Lots of love,

Lacey x :)
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Don't think that weight loss will be consistent - mine isn't at all. I have weeks of 1lb losses and then a huge drop off in week 4.

Are you sure you are doing everything right? Drink as much water as you can manage as it really does help. Have decaf tea and coffee.

Also in terms of weigh in be consistent in terms of what you consume and what you wear.

I only have 1 litre of water and a bar weigh in day and drink 3-5 when I get home after WI with a triple shake. :)

Keep at it - I was disappointed too but I will make my 3 stone in 3 months - so it's all good.


Deb G

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S: 13st10lb C: 13st7lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3lb(1.56%)
I only have 1 litre of water and a bar weigh in day and drink 3-5 when I get home after WI with a triple shake. :)
I do similar. I stop drinking and eating after 12 if I am being weighed at 7pm. But I DO get at least 3 litres down before 12 so I have plenty of time to lose the water without getting dehydrated. Then I have a lovely feast when I get home - a choc muffin and strawberry mousse....... HEAVEN!:p
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Hi Junior are you drinking enough and going to the loo? Everyones bodies are different and you will lose it, it may be that your body holds on at the beginning and then have big losses later on but I'd imagine it will all level off.

Don't worry about it and don't get too down about it - you'll be fine I'm sure.


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I have found that scale hopping is not a good idea, it changes every day, but I have had consistent loss throughout and have already done 3 stone and still have a couple of weeks to go til the 100 days.

I do always have a lower loss at TOTM even though I don't do anything different :rolleyes:

Hang in there, I am sure it will work out, if you follow this diet (CD or LL) as directed then it works, I haven't heard of anybody it hasn't worked for who has stuck to it.

Make sure you aren't having anything by mistake that you aren't allowed. Chewing gum, anything with citric acid in it. No sweetener unless it is in pill form (I am assuming the rules are the same for CD and LL but not sure).
Anything you can think of you are adding that could be knocking you out of ketosis?
Have you tested and got a 'pink stick'?

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