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hi i've been doing cd for 2 weeks on wed and in my first week i only lost 2lbs and i was gutted as everyone has lost lots in first week i know everyone is different and that i understand. it was also TOTM so i pulled myself together and have done another week but i cant help getting on the scales at home and so far i know i have 2 days till my weight in but i have only lost 2lbs again and i dont know how much more i can do this. is this what its going to be like??? all the way through i need to lose 4 stone and dont think i can do this losing 2lbs a week till i have lost that has anyone else ever had the same problem ????? thanks:cry:
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Deb G

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Although I had good first couple of week weightlosses, if you look at my signature, you can see that it goes up and down like the ocean, despite the fact that I've done every week exactly the same and never cheated. Its REALLY hard when you're trying really hard to stick to the programme and it doesn't APPEAR to be working - but believe me, it will be!

I found an article (I'll try to paste it here if I can find it again) where is talks about fatcells. Apparently, when you start losing weight, sometimes your fat cells don't want to 'let go' and they therefore grab every bit of water that they can to retain their shape, size and weight. This means that even though you're losing fat, the little b*ggers ensure that you look the same and weigh the same! Evil creatures.

However, they can't do this indefinitely, and eventually they have to let go of the water, accept their fate and get burned up by your body. That's why you suddenly have a fab weightloss and you can't work out exactly why!

I hope that helps. At the end of the day, you CAN'T NOT lose weight doing this - its impossible. Its just the evil fat cells conspiring against you....but their days are numbered!
Right then
First things first - Those home scales have got to go. You are doing yourself absolutely no favours whatsoever by jumping on them and getting depresses.
Secondly - Are you doing ss or one of the higher plans? If ssing and you are sticking to it 100% then it will come off.
Your body is probably in shock and trying to hold onto everything cause you have stopped feeding it.
If you are on one of the other plans then please try and stick to it for another week or so just to see how it goes. Regardless of how slow the weight loss is, remember it is a loss. And also you are giving your body 100% nutrition which is a great bonus on this diet.
I hope you don't lose heart too quickly - give the diet a chance and see what it can do for you.
Some great advice for you from everyone on here. Try to keep at it - I am sure it will pick up very quickly. Also dont trust your home scales too much - it's your CDCs scales that matter. Wait and see what happens at your weigh in and let us kow. Keep smiling and be positive!!
try not to be so hard on yourself. YOu have lost at least 4lb so far which is great. Where you low carbing before starting the diet? If so, you may have used up all your glycogen stores before going onto CD and therefore not experienced the big loss that we are all used to in the first week.

The only other thing I can think of, are you drinking enough water? if you are sticking to SS and losing 2lb a week you might be retaining water, and the best cure for water retention is to drink more water!

Stay strong and see what your official weigh in is with your CDC

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