Weighed in last night after 4 weeks and lost a grand total of a lb last week! That's not in the rules surely! Not a happy bunny - this week is going to be so hard now without an incentive - and I had a rubbish day today - I want a drink!
Hi Sarra

Please don't let your no loss demotivate. I know how hard it is believe me. Look at the thread titled To Icemoose, that's a fantastic example of someone who put disappontment behind them and carried on to achieve tremendous success.

You will be impressed!

Good Luck

Make sure that drink is water.

Dizzy x
Try not to get down, it does happen from time to time, but if you stick with it, the scales will be a lot kinder next time. It could just be water retention, or a slight plateau.

Just remember that if you stick to a VLCD you WILL lose weight, it's just that sometimes it takes a little while to show on the scales. Did you have your measurements taken? That can often show a truer picture. I had a lady this week who didn't have a brilliant weight loss, although she admitted afterwards she had just had her soup, so I was weighing that as well! But she lost more than a couple of inches and was well happy with that.

How much have you lost in total over the 4 weeks?

Keep your chin up, it will come off & you will bounce back. Just don't throw in the towel.

Let us know how you get on.
I've lost 18lbs in 4 weeks, I feel slimmer, smaller clothes are fitting, measured but didn't really seem to be a difference! I've stuck to it to the letter, drank over and above the 4 litres - oh well, must focus - you can't possibly eat nothing and not lose!
So you're well ahead of your 1 stone per month then, 18lbs in 4 weeks is amazing, so not overly surprising it's a smaller loss this week. Don't worry about it, you really are doing so well and the scales will move on again next week.

The fact your clothes are looser is a really good sign, it doesn't always show on the tape measure either as there is so many places it could have come off from.

Try not to be disheartened and step back and look at the bigger picture. Have you ever done a diet before and lost 1¼ stone in 4 weeks? This diet does work & will continue to work for you, this is just one week on the scales, you will be rewarded for your hard work - honest :)
I'm keeping going - but if there's not a damn good loss this week I will throw a tantrum!

LOL - I can understand that :)
yeah, believe it, its happened to pretty much everyone! Always look at your loss over a number of weeks never pay any attention to only one weigh in!

Hi sarra,
Don't be de-motivated, I know it's dissappointing but in my LL group some of us lose the model 3.5 pounds per week and others lose a pound for a couple of weeks and then a bigger loss. We are all different. keep on track, it will be worth it !
Oh Sarra, it's such a bore when you only lose a bit, particularly when everyone else at the meeting loses more!

You 'crooked thinking' will be trying to take advantage now and persuade you to jack it all in or cheat a little bit.


"I've stuck to it to the letter, drank over and above the 4 litres - oh well, must focus - you can't possibly eat nothing and not lose!"

Never a truer sentence spoken. Send the crooked thoughts packing!

Keep doing what you're doing and you WILL WIN the battle to get slim and stay slim. If you do cheat, you will only cheat (hurt) yourself.

Good luck for next week ...
Sarra don't worry - I know it can be very miserable sometimes. I have come to the conclusion that thin people are not thin for nothing. My thin friends either don't eat hardly anything or they really have to work at it. They are just more in control and that is what we have to do. A lady in my group lost 1/2lbs yesterday (3rd week) and she really stuck to the diet. She said she knows that she loses very slowly but she also puts it back on very slowly. Everybody loses it differently. You never know you may lose more next week. I lost more in my second week than in my first. Try and keep focused on the bigger picture and look forward to your months loss rather than the weekly loss.