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hang in there

I have only just started too I have a feeling also that my loss will be slowish, i started at 12 stone(boots and coat on) have a feelin week 1 will be 7 but week 2 will only be 2 or 3 think the less you have the slower the last few pounds come off same with any diet f it failing this will have a tumy tuck and be done with it :p
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Don't let it get you down everybody will be different and your weight loss is brilliant - keep going and don't give up- drink plenty of water and enjoy the sunshine x:p
Hey sarah,3 lbs is a great loss.
9lbs in two weeks is brill,what other diet could you loose that on in two weeks?

Don't be disappointed and remember everyone looses at different rates.;)

Lt states loosing one stone per month and you are definitely on track.

Have a fun day at the park


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what is the point in getting mad at yourself? that will only put you on a downer. 3lbs is a great loss. It is true that everyone loses at a different rate. you have 2 more WI's before you might even lose a stone for the month. maybe you set your expectations too high? Pat yourself on the back for what you have done and dont forget that what you are losing from now on is pure FAT, not water weight!!! Up your water a bit more and do an extra 40 min per week exercise if you can. Might help.


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sarah, i know how you feel - i lost 1lb this week and was gutted!
i know it's easier said than done but try not to let it get you down and just put your faith in this diet, you can't fail to lose on it.
And i'm sure you'll have a decent loss next week.
having said that, 3lbs is alot of fat to have shifted! :)


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Oh dear. Try not to get too down hearted. 9lb is a great weight loss. Keep looking at the overall picture and remember how you felt 9lb heavier. Nothing feels as good as losing the fat (even if it is 3lb or 1lb) it is fat that will be gone forever.


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Sarah sweetie, 3lb is a fantastic loss...Don't you dare be down hearted, Keep at it sweetie ;)


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I don't understand .... 3lbs .....

3lbs is 10,500 calories you've burned but not eaten.
3lbs is what LT say you can expect (3-4lbs per week).
3lbs a week is a stone a month (except for February when it's 12lbs).
3lbs would be a bl**dy FANTASTIC result at SW or WW or anywhere like that.
3lbs is nothing to get disheartened about........

Sorry if that sounds harsh ... x


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3lbs is fantastic Sarah! Nothing to be disheartened about there hun. The most important thing is you are sticking to it. I've had a couple of losses where they've been really low but the main thing to think about is, it's a loss rather than a gain and therefore a step in the right direction for you. So keep going hunni because you're doing fab!! 9lbs in 2 weeks is great. :D:D:D:D:D:D xxxx
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3lb is a fantastic loss, well done. I have tried many diets and there are always weeks when there is little or no loss, even a gain on some other diets, but it all evens out. Sometimes our bodies need to catch up with the rapid weight loss or fight back hanging onto our fat but don't despair - it'll soon get the message and give it up!!!!!!! Just keep supping the water and enjoying the Spring sunshine coz come the summer you'll be a skinny minnie!!!!!

Take care


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