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Guy starting Lipotrim

Hi guys, I just started Lipotrim on Tuesday and am feeling pretty good. I wanted to start as I have put on a fair bit of weight after living at Uni and then coming back home and working full time...in McDonalds. :( Part of the problem is that we are allowed a free meal everyday that we work and unfortunately I took advantage of this FAR too much. Not any more though.

I went for a check-up yesterday to see if I was in Ketosis yet and thank goodness I am. I also lost 6lbs which was a nice surprise. :)

I'm so glad I found a forum like this. I've been reading your stories and experiences for the last few days and it really gives me confidence. Hopefully I can be one of the success stories like yourselves. :)
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Hi and welcome to the madhouse,there truly are some inspirational stories on here ,keep up the good work
hi Rory welcome, on day 6 myself so also a newby
Im at the end of day 2 now, managed a week 6 months ago so i know it gets easier the further along you get but i gave up and hated myself for it! Keep it up. This site is amazing for support and encouragement.
Hi Rory, good to hear you are doing so well already and in ketosis :) good luck if you are still working in Mc Donalds it would be torture for me, just come on here any time for support, everyone is fab on here x
Good luck, Rory. Nice to see another Northern Irish guy here.
Hey guys, thanks for the great messages of support. I actually really like the shakes, don't think I'll have much problems with them. :) My only cravings right now have been when watching Match of the Day and wanting a biscuit or something hehe. It's easy to resist when there's nothing in the house to eat haha.
I think I may have hot my first problem. I tried to go to the toilet there and felt pretty constipated. :( I drink as much water as possible throughout the day but this is the first time I've even needed to go since Wednesday. :/ Any advice?
afraid this is one of the drawbacks and a lot of peeps on here struggle with it, i got a free sample of something to help you go from the chemist (cant remember the name and i'm not at home to look what its called) quite a lot on here use this and i'm sure they will comment on here and tell you what it is as it seems to really help :) x
thats the one (fibreclear) :)
Yeah the chemist told me about fibreclear. Can you buy it anywhere or does it need to be from a Lipotrim supplier?
I have seen it on ebay a couple of times!!! I use fibreclear! If I'm struggling for a few days I use senna tabs as I find them less harsh than dulcolax!!! X
Dead on. Ill see how I cope with the discomfort until tonight then bang a senility or two into me. Just feel a bit rough is all. Cheers for the advice.
Hi and welcome... I am on day 47 .. had some really horrific "toilet" moments, infact once I nearly smacked it arse and bought a pram for it. I find Senokot can sometimes help. But beware .. not always. There may be a couple of times you will need to roll up a towel for something to bite onto !
Haha nice description. I think I'll be okay. Just need to keep the water intake up and pop a couple of senokot when I get home from work tonight. 'll pop round to the chemist in the morning to check with them. Thanks people.
Had my first weigh in yesterday. Lost 9 lbs. :D Not feeling as hungry anymore and feeling pretty good overall. Going to see what I can lose in 6/8 weeks and go from there. Think I might decide to re-feed after 8 weeks no matter what. I have quite a few things to go to in November and I want to enjoy them. I'll definitely be eating less and more healthily after Lipotrim is finished so I should be okay. :)

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