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Guy's annoying RTM questions/advice thread


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Ello Managers :)

I’m glad to say that I’ll be joining your ranks next week as I start RTM next Thursday. I’m doing a two week stint as my last in full abstinence cos I can’t make it to my LLC before my last abstinent weigh in on the 14th (Otherwise I would have tried to get my book early).

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I do my food shopping on a Saturday morning so I need to know what I can have for my meal on days 1 and 2 (Thursday/Friday) next week. I can see the list of things in the curious about RTM thread and I know the extra stuff in week one doesn’t come in until day 3 anyway but there aren’t any quantities in that thread? Do LL give you any advice on this front?

I’m in a pickle cos I’m a real planner and not getting my RTM books until 10pm the day before I start is doing my head in!
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Hi Guy,

Imagine my suprise when I did get the books and there was no mention of weights of food anywhere. When I spoke to my LLC she advised me to have more or less 150 - 180 gr of protein and a bowl of salad (from day 3) I worked my protein as a palm size give or take but have to admit that I did weigh almost everything. Being alittle obsessive I think I like to know exactly what I am eating.

Get yourself some salmon or tuna to start off with I think (if you eat fish) they are the tastiest and you will find you are full in no time. If you do buy salmon buy the most expensive you can find and the reason for this is the cheaper cuts of salmon are often very fatty I know its good fat but your stomach is going to not like it.
I also found a Balsamic reduction at Sainsburys for my salad (once that is allowed of course) it saved my life I love the stuff.

My other advice is be obsessive about the amount of fat in what you eat in the next 8 - 10 weeks. And eat consciously, set the table (I even had candles :D) and sit down and focus on your food every mouthful.

Good luck this is an exciting time, but believe me its tougher than abstinence.

The whole idea of RTM I think is to teach you to eat properly and also to listen to when you are full.

Good luck.


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Thanks Tange. I find that strange that there are no guidelines on portion size but I guess it's difficult as everyone is different but there could at least be some sort of guide table or something based om sex/weight/BMI.

So basically, If I have a bit of fish or skinless chicken with some cottage cheese (lowest fat option) on days one and two then that's all I need? I'll be hitting the supermarket on day 3 anyway.


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I only had a piece of fish on my first two nights. I always thought that cottage cheese in itself was a protein too.

If you plan plan and plan some more you will be just fine.
Even now after I have been flying solo so to speak I still plan my weeks meals, not only does it save money it keeps me on the straight and narrow. I also use nutracheck with is a calorie counting website. I know its not for everyone, but it keeps me in line and also has taught me to snack which is something I have never done. I now have fruit as a snack twice a day.

My LLC advised me to weigh myself everyday after week5, and that too has helped me alot.


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Okey dokey. My plans have just changed and I've had a phone call from my LLC. I can pick my books up tonight!

Oh and I'll certainly be obsessive when it comes to planning meals in advance etc. :)

So it'll be fish only for me on days 1 and 2. How exciting lol.....


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Good luck I am looking forward to hearing how you enjoy your first meal. And more than that your first salad, for some reason that is the meal I remember the most. It was the nicest thing I had ever eaten :D

If you are anything like me you will be up till all hours reading the entire book.
Good luck and congrats Guy!! Glad you are getting your book!

I just want to say, I did buy expensive Salmon, and only ate a peice about 2 fingers worth - (my fingers, not the salmons :giggle:) That was more then enough - and it was about 6pm. I was awoken at 3am with a horrible tummy ache and got very sick - took the shine right off the epxerience - so even good salmon can have a negative affect for SOME. You will know yourself better, but just be careful!! It was gorgeous - but I think a tad too rich after abstaining -

Good luck! Keep us posted!! :)


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I read BL's experience with the salmon, so I didn't have any until the following week! Just chicken until then ;-)

Actually, there is a LOT of info on serving size and portions on the LL Managment website. Ask you counseller to set you up on it - it is very good.

I think you will find some in your books as well - not for all the foods, but definatly for the protein portion.


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Thanks for all the help. I have a question about Bars now. The new Raisin & choc bars. Are they maintenance only or can you have them during RTM? I'm just working out my food packs. Yes, I am that obessive about LL lol.


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Helloooooooo managers.

I figure I might aswell keep my annoying questions in one place.

Ok. I've devised a pretty basic food plan for weeks one and two. I'm keeping it simple (based around fish, Chicken and cottage cheese with mixed leaf & Lemon juice (from day 3) but I'm now wondering about books. My LLC has given me the dedicated week one book, the week 1-7 recipie book and the journal. When/if do I get others? I know I'll be cutting another food pack out from week 3 for example but it doesn't mention anything like that in the stuff I have? I presume I'm just being an eager beaver and there's a new book every 1/2 weeks?


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Thanks. I only have a dedicated week 1 book, week 1-7 recipe book and a route to managment journal. Hmmmm, maybe LL for men RTM is different when it comes to literature. Maybe they think we can't take in that much info early on lol.

I was asking cos I know you can add snacks etc when you drop a food pack but what i currently have gives no guidance on this. I'm sure there are other books. It is 12 weeks after all. :) I;m just a planning freak.


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HI Guy,

I'm currently in wk 8 of RTM for Men.

You will get a RTM book for weeks 2 - 7, as well as a recipe book for that.

At week 8, you will get RTM book for weeks 8 - 12.

I dont have to books to hand now - let me know if you need more specific details.

I had to make my own food plans...
In my big blue book, I believe in it there is an outline of what materials you get, and when. I think it is towards the back?

THey give you very little guidelines. I think it is the ultimate test. At first it annoyed me, but then I decided its better I work it out on my own, to suit me, etc. BUt it is rough in the early days.


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Thanks! I think I need all the luck I can get. I'm under no illusions that the hard part is coming. But, I have a secret weapon. You and BL! :D

I've seen conflicting reports about what you should weigh at the end of management. Some saying you weigh the same as you started and others saying you can expect to put back on what you lost in week one. To be honest I have a range. I'm 13 stone 13lbs in the morning now and if I can maintain anything under 14 stone 7lbs in the long term I'll be happy.


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Hi guys. First day of week 2 for me today and it says I can now have yoghurt. Is that just plain or can I have the very low fat/fat free 'flavoured' kind in the little pots? Any recommendations?

Also, I'm finding myself in the position of not really wanting to lose any more weight. What's the drama in introducing some limited quantities of the low GI fruit a few days early?

Thanks as always! :)
Hi Guy

I used the fat free greek yogurt the first week yogurt was allowed. I asked my LLC and she said we could have others as well, so I now have greek or muller lite.

As for introducing fruit - I wouldn't. Fruit has a lot of sugar and a fair amount of carbs. You maybe don;t want to lose anymore wieght, but you don;t want to gain any back do you?

Stick to the plan mate. You have this far - why start tweaking it now?

Just m,y two penneth worth. :)


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