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Guys I need your help!


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S: 13st4.0lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 2st2lb(16.13%)
Hello fellow gorgeous folks,
Well pls don't lynch me after this post but I have been really good in not weighing myself all week because I tend to get upset when nothing has changed. Well tommorow eve i'm getting weighed instead of sat morning as my cdc is away on holiday and I did it! I got my scales out so that I could be prepared and to my utter dissapointment I've actually gained 1lb wtf!!!
I have no idea why as its nowhere near totm and no loo probs this week I dont get it!.
Right well- (Lynching part-:nono:) Well the only thing ive done different is drink more water and I must confess that I dont think its done me any good as my body likes to cling onto water and the more I drink the more bloated my stomach feels :( the only other thing is that I had the bars this week but never more than 1 a day as I can't even manage a whole one yet. :confused:
Has this happened to any of you yet? Sorry for whining its just that when I got off my scales I was close to tears and all the (why am i bothering when i lost more on ww thoughts started to flood in) which I know is daft!
Save me from myself please:wave_cry:
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If you have followed the plan to the letter than it is highly unlikely that you will have gained... BUT... in the event of a gain, as numerous posts on here have documented... it will come off with a vengance next week..
I know this is probably not what you want to hear but it is important that you carry on drinking the water - it can only help...

Dont give in



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Don't feel dishearted if you have gained it will come off the following week, your body doesn't know its being weighed and you could step on the scales in the morning and lose 3 or 4 overnight, our bodies are very complex things, don't worry just stick with it. I had my hubby hide our weighing scales last week as i kept leaping on and off them every 2mins, i still haven't asked for them back, i had my second weigh in last night and although i really wanted to have my scales back so i knew what to expect i held off as like you i get down if i haven't seen a drop and at the end of the day its my cdc scales that matter...chin up chick it will all work itself out xxx


is looking forward
S: 13st4.0lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.8 Loss: 2st2lb(16.13%)
Thankyou ladies I really appreciate your encouragement. I guess its cause im feeling a bit low in myself this week too my job is really getting me down. I miss swimming like crazy but when I went the other night I didn't have enough energy to do my usual 1500mtrs and only managed about 600mtrs and even that made me feel light headed after. So my cdc told me to lay off the exercise for a while.
I know you're right though I should relax and just let the diet do its job fingers crossed for next week :)
You doing everything right hun - dont feel despondant - you cant possibly have gained 1lb in fat - to do this you would need to have eaten 3,500 calories ON TOP off your 'usual' daily 2,000 calories intake - you have been following your CD plan & are getting nowhere near either amount in calorific intake - therefore the only reason for this gain is water retention - good on you for drinking plenty - keep it up - extra water doesnt cause water retention however, lack of water does.

Exercise causes the muscles to swell or 'bulk up' - why are they bulked up? Because they hold water when they are worked ....you've been working them with the exercise you've been doing - your CDC is right - lay off this for a while & re-introduce the swimming slowly.

The other reason for a water gain can be your monthly cycle - I've have gained 6lbs in 2 days - I'm due my period & I know that once it appears - I will return to my normal weight...its a bloody nuisance but it is only a temporary gain...

Hang in there ;)

debs xx


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Am I right in thinking you are on week 3 (looking at your siggy?) If so I have found that week 3 or 4 tends to be a bit of a barsteward as far as weight loss goes on this diet! Please try and stay positive - the difference will be made up next week and you will see a lovely big loss I am sure :)
Try not to get down, couldn't have gained weight while following the plan.

Is it really hot and sunny where you are? I'm sat in the office drinking tons of water and baking... When it's hot I bloat up and weigh heavier.

Keep going ;)

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