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Gym Bunny's diary The wednesday weigher!

Why oh why do I do it to myself ?

I have a great week lose a nice amount of weight then i pig out afterwards !

So im here to keep a diary for my food and just general things that are going on.


breakfast- hifi bar (b) strawberries and banana, coffee with milk (a)and sweetner.

off to baby massage this morning and i will be walking there and back so thats 40 mins of body magic! but afterwards i went for another walk for 1 hour.

lunch- home made veg soup with ham(1 syn) and pasta with apple pear oranges and coffee with milk and sweetner.

i work in a school cleaning so i will be running around for 3 hours doing that then off to the gym after work for a 2 hour session.(1000 cals off)

dinner- home made quiche with cottage cheese eggs and tuna and lots of salad, coffee with milk and sweetner, grapes and a yogurt and another hifi bar (b)

i have had 2 litres of water .

i have had 1 syn as i had enough last night!

I know alot of people dont do success express but i love it i get 2 x he a's
2 x he b's both red and green day foods are free aslong as you have 2/3 rds of your plate with veg or salad the only down fall is you use the highest syn value! but you carnt have everything! :)

if anything changes i will update through out the day!

2430 cals burnt off today!

here is to a fresh day :D x
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success express day 2

Right today is friday and its a really busy day for me so this will be a challange!

Breakfast:- muller yogurt with blue berries and banana oh and a hifi bar(b) also 3 eggs scrambled.

then ill be off out shopping and herrands.

Lunch:- tuna quiche left over from yesterday with salad, apple and grapes and another hifi bar(b)

then work for 3 hours and back to the gym for another work out.(hopefully have 2 litres of water)

Dinner:- fish with stirfry, another yogurt and strawbrries.

i will be having my he a's for coffee through out the day.

ive stayed on plan today but after work i felt like going home and not going to the gym. but i never i went and thought i would do some running. well i did i ran 7.5k in 60 mins! ive never run that long before ever in my life :) im so pleased with myself!
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day 3 saturdat morning.

I dont have much planned for today as my car is in for its MOT so im waiting around for a phone call from the garage.

Breakfast:- 28g fruitiful shredded wheat with milk (a) and banana and coffee.

i have walked (45 mins) it back from the garage.


my diary from the last few days.

on wednesday i went and got weighed and i had put on again thats 6.5 lbs on in 2 weeks! its got to come off!

day 1 extra easy.

snacks- banana, apple, pear, passion fruit, orange and grapes.
breakfast- hifi bar(b) (at weigh in)
lunch- tomato pasta and sauce with quorn pieces and salad
dinner- kfc chicken with chips and salad

i had milk for my drinks (a)

i had extra milk (4.5 syns)
28g bread crumbs (5 syns)

2 lts of water.

day 2 extra easy.

he a milk
he b hifi bar

breakfast- eggs, bacon, mushrooms.
lunch- i made the egg fried rice that was the raffle prize at my group. ingredients are: rice, egg, onion, mushrooms and peas.
snacks- banana, apple, plum, orange, nectarine and muller yogurt.

i had extra milk(3)
i also had john west tuna light lunch(6)

i also had 2 lts water and went to the gym.

day 3 extra easy.

he a milk
he b hi fi bar

brekfast- baked beans on toast (6)
snacks- banana, pear, nectarine, plum and apple with yogurt.
lunch- omlette with bacon and mushrooms with salad
dinner- prawns with stirfry veggies and egg noodles.

i had extra milk(3) velvet crisp(4) and 1 sainsburys low alcohol czech beer(1)

i also had 2 lts water and went to the gym.

tomorrow i carnt get to the gym so i will be walking with my dog and buggy also i will be doing day 1 of 30 day shread :wave_cry:
extra easy

day 4.

breakfast- i had 60g bread (b) with bacon and brown sauce (only a little bit 1 syn) nectarine.
lunch- quiche made with cottage cheese, eggs and tuna with salad and banana and apple.
dinner- pork chops with potatoes and green beans with carrots.
snacks- strawberries, mango, oranges and pear.
syns- extra milk(3) crisp(4) hifi bar(3) and a beer(1)
12 syns for the day.

exercise is walking with my dog and doing the 30 day shread with 1 lt water and herbal teas.
extra easy

day 5.

he a milk for drinks
breakfast- oats made with water, banana and blueberries.
lunch- cous cous(1.5 syns) and roasted vegetables with apple and pear.
dinner- corned beef hash with red cabbage and cabbage, orange and grapes.
snacks- mug shot.

syns- extra milk(3) corned beef(4) yoo yogurt (2) crisp (4) cherry yogurt(2)

exercise for today is 30 day shread and taking my dog walking and taking my son swimming.

oh and i aim for 1lt water and about 4 herbal teas.
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extra easy

day 6.

he a milk
he b 5 scan bran

syns-spag bol sauce(5)

breakfast- quorn sausages, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes with an egg.
lunch-cottage cheese with pickled onions and gurkin.
dinner-spaghetti with mincemean and mixed roasted veg.
snacks-banana, apple, pear, melon and grapes.

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