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Gym Induction

Well, I had my introduction to my new workout. My trainer, Dan, I thought he liked me on Saturday, but I guess not. He is trying to kill me. :D

I have learned two major facts about working out now, as opposed to last year.

Last year, my last record at the gym I was 118kg. 260 Pounds. 19 stone or so.

Now, I am 87kg. WHAT a WORLD of difference in working out. Good lord. I was doing things today that took me weeks to be able to do last time around. Brill that!

But the second thing I learned - when you are slimmer, they put you on harder machines, and weights, etc. Flippen heck - I was knackered afterwards!!! I did as much as I could. He has me doing 3 sets of 15 on the equipment, and I just could not do the last set on 2 peices. My arms just could not do it!!

So - the challenge has been laid down.

I am happy to be getting started on this phase - thanks to those who every so gently pushed me. :)

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Well, I had my introduction to my new workout. My trainer, Dan, I thought he liked me on Saturday, but I guess not. He is trying to kill me. :D

Glad you are feeling the benefits of losing that weight. It makes such a difference doesn't it!


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Well, BL, I bit the bullet today and joined the gym. I have my assessment on thursday evening!! God help me but I'm determined to enjoy it and the swimming pool looks fab!!!! I'm sure I'll hurt too!!! lol I'll let you know :D
That's fab BL, just think how toned you'll be in a few weeks! Fab stuff. I'm off for a swim first thing. Don't think I fancy the gym just yet, I don't really like it but you never know it might be subject to change now! xx


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I am so happy you girls are all gyming it now. I am loving it, and I find I have a streak in me that will push and push my boundaries which is all good. I also battled with the arm stuff but last night I did all my reps and I am not sore this morning. I even squeezed in 50 leg presses, I like those it burns your bum and legs just the areas I need working on.
I am loving it and can't wait to get there again this evening. Am having my second personal training session with the lovely Ian wonder if that has anything to do with it. He is going to measure me tonight and we are going to set goals should be interesting to see how I can tone and what the results will be with measurements.
THanks Tange! I am really pleased to have made that step. As you know, I had my heels pretty firmly dug in, from day one, about dreading the whole toning exercise that I knew would be inevitable with this rapid loss.:rolleyes::D

But hey - I got therein the end, thanks to you and others encouragement, and my listening to my own common sense for once. :D

I felt good yesterday, and thought, "hmm, that was a tough work out - and I am not sore!":cool:

Then, then I woke up this morning.


There it is! THERE"S the pain. :cool::eek:

I think I will be swimming today!! LOL Its hard enough to raise my glass of water!!! :rotflmao:

But yeah, it feels great this pain. I feel all grown up takin care of business. Thats a very strange feeling - feeling grown up!!! :rotflmao: :D :D :D


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I know what you mean BL. I am going to see my bank manager tomorrow to now put my finances on a diet and be a grown up with them. I sure have been a child the last few months just spending asif I had and never ending pit of money. Oh dear, well it needs to be done.
lol - I don't think I will ever be grown up when it comes to money. :( I just love spending it.

I did say in group last night, that I know in many ways I have replaced eating with shopping. But, I have always been horrible with money. Really bad. My parents were quite free with spending, and while they had the best intentions it did not teach me the true value of money.

The difference now is interesting. I have really been worrying about it - a lot. And it has kept me awake at night on more then one occassion. In the past - I never batted an eye - had no worry, or stress or anxiety or anything!

So I asked myself - why am I getting myself so stressed??? Ahhhhhh.......because you are not eating whever you start to worry about it! Very interesting!!

I may learn one day - but if I am honest, I do not hold out much hope!! Can we come live with you when we are 70? :D :D :D

Good luck to you !!



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Hehe yes sure provided of course I sort myself out. I have been the same all my life I have been shocking with money but its time to change.
Oh dear this could be harder than the weight loss I think. Oh well nothing like a challenge hey.

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