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Sorry, I'm not going to the gym (I hate them). But I am walking, using an exercise bike and doing free weights, nothing too strenuous. And I have a vibro plate that I am going to drag it out of its hiding place.

But I do find that when I workout or even do heavy housework, I get tired quicker. So whatever you do make sure you pace yourself.

Oh, and if you explain the diet to gym instructor I'm sure they will advice you what to do and what not to do.
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I've been going to the gym a fair bit in the last few months, so, intend to go after I'm over the first week of LT. I think I'll mainly just be doing resistance training, not so much cardio, as I think that will knock me out.

Just see how you go & maybe ask for advice from the people at the gym!



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am restarting my LT..today is my first day, I have never been to the gym while on LT but am intending to now..I think al just do weight n mayb 15 min on the bike/stepper.....If I ask the gym staff they may not help as LT is considered to extreme...

Thank you guys soo much! xx


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I work out at the gym every day apart from Sunday. I have done since about week 3/4 of LT

It's important to start off slowly at the beginning and not do anything too strenuous. Your body will tell you if you exert yourself too much, and you'll know to either slow down or stop.

I started by using the power plate and then doing some toning, resistance exercises using static weights, free weights and bands. I also use the Swiss ball a lot for arms, tummy waist. I found this really good at the beginning as it supports your weight. I now do much of the same but I've added cardio as I've so much energy, and feel able to cope. Although I did cut down on the cardio as I was pushing myself too much and was becoming hungry in the late evening! If you're going to do cardio then start of with 5 or 10 minutes.

Do what your body will let you do. It is important to start off slowly and build up. Once you start though you may become addicted like me! Another addiction for me! Suppose it's better than the addiction to junk food that I used to have!

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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I didnt do one bit of exercise the whole time i was on TFR! :giggle:

Have recently started cycling on my exercise bike though - but i am eating again now.

Dont over do it if you are going to attempt the gym - youll probably find you wont be able to do much for the first week or so untill your body is used to surviving on so little calories :) x


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Hay Superslim,
did you exercise before starting LT?
I have carried on doing my normal exercise - 30min dog walk a day, netball and badminton once a week each.
I have found i'm getting more into netball and badminton, and i also my dog walking has increased to an hour a day, and 3 hours on a sunday, as i have more energy and walking is much easier!!!
I'm planning to start jogging with my husband, but think i might leave it a while longer before i attempt that!!!

Just do what you feel comfortable with

Good luck

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