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I have been going to the gym for about 2 months now, and I really enjoy it. I am NOT normally an exercise fan but I think everyone can find something they enjoy-it's just about trying different things. I pay £37 per month and that's for unlimited use of the gym, swimming pool, sauna and any exercise classes, though at the moment I have only been using the gym. I go 3-4 times a week straight after work and although 9 times out of 10 I really don't want to go, as soon as I'm there I really enjoy it. I'm also lucky in that it's not a contract and I can stop whenever I like so if money gets tight its not a problem.


Now to maintain.....
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great quastion!
i'll be looking at these answers closely too!!
when a big debt is finished next august we are both(me and hubby) looking into joining a gym....small chance we might manage it before then if he gets a promotion.
its a nightmare trying to find out prices/what you get online-no one wants to tell you anything.


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Mine is at the local leisure centre and it's 27 a month, unlimited gym, swim and classes. It's fab! :)


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I go to a Corus hotel - its a tiny gym but i have a membership with a pal and its £45 for the two of us. U can go as many times as you want and at any time.

Circle Leisure i think its called.

It might be worth looking at a hotel gym membership - they tend to be cheap rates and no contracts :)


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I'm fortunate to have free and unlimited use of the works gym as part of the whole employment package. To be honest I'm not sure I would actually pay for gym membership as so many other ways i can exercise aside from the gym.

Pity there wasn't a pool. I've made enquiries and £15 per month would allow access to a local pool membership.
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We pay £45 per month at the village hotel gym, 6 months contract with the option to cancel any time after that. All the usual gym equipment, weights, powerplate's etc, loads of classes to do and a fab pool, sauna and steam room. 10% off at the restaurants, discount for overnight stays at any hotels across the country and you can also use any gym across the country too.

(posters might like to mention what gym they belong too,)


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I joined Pure Gym yesterday, open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no pool or sauna (thank goodness as I can't swim and cannot bear heat), Costs me £16.99 a month with an extra £25 joining fee, I really enjoyd going yesterday.

There's one in Birmingham City Centre and Birmingham West
Pure Gym Fitness Clubs : 24 Hour Gyms : Join Pure Gym Today


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I think I'm still too large for a gym yet.. not by any of their standards, but by my own..
I'd be / was too self concious last time I joined one and don't like the idea of lots of people I don't know seeing my huffing and puffing and wobbling away.. ( and there's more chance of getting hit by a falling toilet seat than there is of getting me into a public swimming pool anything short of midnight when I know it would be empty.. )
I never liked that you have to wait for equipment too.. it throws you off if you can't do it in your prefered order..

I'm going to save the money I would be spending on the gym and get some decent walking / running shoes, and possibly a bike and then hit the canal tow paths while it's nice..
hopefully that will be sufficient for the summer months, and I'll save up for a decent treadmill / bike at home.. ( they ought to do rental on them somewhere really.. )..

I find walking quite boring on my own, but I could go for hours if I set up the treadmill in front of the telly so I could watch tv, surf the net and play on my console..


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I joined the gym when I started sw. I pay 25.00 a month and its worth every penny. I started going to the gym for a few weeks but wasn't finding it motivating and did not enjoy it much. Then I turned up one Thursday and saw that a Bodystep class was about to start. I thought what's the worst that can happen. It kills me every time I do it but I'm hooked. Currently doing four or five body step classes a week, plus aqua and sometimes body balance. Might even try attack this week.

I find the classes amazing as you work so hard, the time flys and everyone is so busy working on the class I never feel people are noticing me .
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I love the gym. Truly love it! I'm there most days. I do spin, step, body attack, body conditioning and body pump. It has definitely helped my weight loss and I've got muscle definition most places :)
I wish my gym did Body Attack/ Body Pump etc.

I can't stand my gym classes. I went to "Cardio Burn" expecting it to be a tough workout.
The instructor was all "how's your heart feeling ladies" I was thinking "....exactly the same as when I walked in."

I had to go for a run afterwards, though it was a waste of a journey for that crappy class.
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JemmaBe said:
I wish my gym did Body Attack/ Body Pump etc.

I can't stand my gym classes. I went to "Cardio Burn" expecting it to be a tough workout.
The instructor was all "how's your heart feeling ladies" I was thinking "....exactly the same as when I walked in."

I had to go for a run afterwards, though it was a waste of a journey for that crappy class.
Oh I hate it when the instructors are rubbish. Makes such a difference if you have a good one.


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A gym is high on my list of priorities when I return to England so I have found this thread both informative and interesting. A gym with a pool is a priority for me so I suppose I should look and see if St. Austell have a gym at their leisure centre.


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I am a member of La Fitness gim, £30 a month for gym, classes, pool & spa area. I use it prob 3-4 times per week.
they do really good classes, spinning being my favourite! I am going to step tomorrow eve which I really used to enjoy - so getting prepared for not being able to walk properly Thursday :)

I love anything really high intensity where I feel like I am going to collapse the minute the class is over!
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I go to my local leisure centre, its just gone up to £30 per month from 28 but I can now use the kinesis suite whereas it was £33 before. Havent ventured in there yet!

That includes the gym, pool, classes, sauna etc

I go to 3 classes each week which would be £4 each if I was paying as i went so save quite a bit. I go to the gym when the weather is bad but prefer running outdoors.

My dad also belongs to the same gym and gets a reduced rate as his work signed up to their corporate scheme which may be something to bear in mind also. They also do an even further reduced rate for senior citizens/those on benefits/students.

If you are interested in classes make sure you check the timetable first to see if they suit you time wise and you like the sound of them. My friend has a leisure centre practically beside her house but doesnt like the classes they do at the times she is free so has to trek across town instead.

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