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Is so very nearly there!
I swim but didnt start that when I began diet as you cold end up toning what you have and gaining muscle :/ I would get in the habit of SW first the intoduce a gym programme personally.

Walk more maybe just to get your heat beating faster and all that but anything more I would leave.. but thats me lol
I'd hold off on the gym especially if you haven't exercised much before. I've started by doing more walking and making sure I'm up from my desk regularly. Little things like parking further away from work or shops and using stairs all help. Once you're at the stage you can do all that and not break a sweat, then you might benefit from a gym membership. I'm too self-conscious to join one, they have too many mirrors!
Noooooooo - Im just not a gym person! I go swimming once a week and thats my lot, but if you feel like you'd enjoy it then Id say go for it hun x

When I started SW in April this year I decided that I not only wanted to lose weight but also increase my general fitness and have been going to the gym around 4 times a week since then (each time doing around 40 mins cardio and a selection of weights).

I don't believe that you need to exercise to lose weight on SW (since I know so many people that haven't exercised and still gone on to great weight losses but in my case it definitely got me focussed and helped with toning and general mood - and I'm sure it has helped with my own weight loss.

I think it's an individual thing but if you fancy trying the gym - then I don't see any harm in it - give it a go - you may love it!

I love the gym now and it's helped me being more active in my normal life (like walking up stairs without groaning or getting out of breath, walking at a faster pace etc).

It also encourages me to drink more water - which is great for weight loss and skin condition!

Hi, thanks for your answers. I am actually a member of a gym and enjoy going, I usually just do 1 hour at medium intensity 3-4 times a week. I also do two hours of tapdance every Saturday. I may ask my SW consultant for some professional advice on how it would affect/help doing this exercise alongside SW.

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