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Gym'ing and "Water weight"

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there are any regular gym go-ers and if you have a specific routine? I'm not a CC or LL dieter, my diets more cutting back and (trying) to go gym.

After a workout session, I'm completely shattered though. Granted, I've only just started going, but i thought it'd get easier. Am I expecting too much too soon?
Also, I was told the first 10 kilos lost are normally just water weight (way to encourage a person :( ) .

If anyone knows more about this, at what point do you start losing fat?

thanks for help and good luck to everyone :)
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You will lose water weight if you don't replace what you sweat out but regular exercise will speed up your metabolism making you burn off fat quicker all the time
I've just joined a gym but as yet haven't started going regularly (better get my A into G though ... the direct debits are starting to come out!). When I lived up north, I went to a gym 3 times a week religiously. I started going when I weighed about 20st and I was wasted by the time I finished each session. And that wasn't 'going for it' either!

I was embarrassed at first looking so bright red and sweaty but I had to grit my teeth and keep thinking 'things WILL get better' ... and they did! It took about 6 weeks or so of dedicated, consistant attendance and I suddenly realised that, hey, I wasn't so shattered every time I went! I was losing weight steadily (was doing Rosemary Conley too) and toning up.

I lost about 6st in just over a year ... not a staggeringly fast loss but I wasn't just smaller, I was FITTER.

Alas - I fell off the wagon big style and regained almost all of it over the course of a year ... then lost 7st again on CD in 2006 ... then regained 5st in 2007... now losing it again. Yes -I am the epitome of a yo-yo dieter.:sigh:

But the time I felt most 'buzzed' about losing weight was when I was going to the gym. So stick with it and you'll soon feel the benefits - it's not an overnight thing though; you have to keep plugging away.


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I don't go to the gym but i do karate and kickboxing. Most evenings I don't feel like going out but when I get there I am always glad I went and feel great for it afterwards


French Honey
Russian Doll you sound just like me;) I lost 4 stone at Slimming World in 2003 and was going to the gym religiously and found it a slog to get myself there but got a real buzz afterwards, then I put it all back on, then I lost 4 stone with CD, then I put it all back on, then I lost it all again, then I put it all back on, and here I am again, nothing has changed except for the year:D. I am now 'starting again' at almost 18 stone this time instead of the 17 that I was before. Yup! Yoyo dieter definitely I think. But no more!

Last year I invested in an eliptical trainer and found that it helped enormously with keeping my weight even, now I am trying to find out if it can really aid weight loss. I have also bought a pedometer to try and get to those 10,000 steps that we are all meant to cover each day, it's actually surprising how many steps I was already doing even though I thought of myself as a very sedantary person, I was covering about 6,000 by being a housewife and mum:eek:

Oh well, better get back on the treadmill I suppose.
Thanks taz - I drink about 3 litres a day now (starting to hate water!), so hopefully it's not water weight what im losing :)

Wow russiandoll & miel - you guys are superstars! If I gained all the weight I'd lost, Id just give up. You go girls! :D
I can't believe that the first 10 kilos (22lbs) is water weight only. With CD I've had a weight loss of 11lbs in first week, CDC told me that approx 7lbs would be glycogen/water and after that it would be fat.

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