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sounds a bit strange that you feel so full after only two pints of water. Are you sure you've not got gallons and litres mixed up?!
Hope you feel a little less bloated soon:)


Fighting Demons....
Nope. I measured it in a bottle and everything. It may just be cus it's lady time. I so wish I was one of the ladies who stopped having those with LL!!!!

Panadol to the rescue!

B x
lady time? lol! Never heard it called that before. Hope you feel a bit better soon x


nearly there!! :)
awh crappy hunni hope ur ok soon.
i find come the end of the day im like a balloon from the water but not during the day (no words of wisdom just hugs ) xxxx


Fighting Demons....
Thanks hun. I'm off to see LLC tonight as have to sort some packs out. So I may seek advise there! In meantime, I think I may be overdosing on Panadol! So if I go missing, you know what happened!!

B x
Is this a recent thing? Or have you had trouble throughout your 8weeks drinking the 4ltr of water?

I've had the total opposite today, I've just felt thirsty all day - my mouth is constantly dry, I think I've been through about 7ltr including the 4 shakes! :eek: A pint of water seems to be downed in one! When I started I found it really hard to get to 4ltr with the shakes, now it's hard to not go over!
I often find I get really thirsty, even if I've had 5 or six litres. I down pints like they're going out of fashion. I know we're supposed to sip throughout the day but I do sip. Very large glasses of water!

I think the more I drink though, the less bloated I feel. Your body tries to retain water if you're not having enough. Drink your four litres and it'll soon get rid of what it doesn't want!

Not sure about the feeling thristy thing and how to deal with it Pete. Just keep drinking I guess...and making sure there's a loo near by (although it's so much easier for you guys to find a tree when you're out!) I now have various spots I know I can't be spotted when I'm out walking my dog- can never make it round the whole woods without needing to go at least twice lol.

Hope you feel better soon Bekimo. I found the first couple of periods I had were awful when I started LL (as did most of the rest of my group) but they soon settled down and my hormones are more balanced than they've ever been now. No PMT for me!!


Fighting Demons....
Bek - trust me you don't wish TOM stopped. The hormones still go mental and my body just doesn't feel right. It's not pleasant :(
Hormones have been crazy this month. I have hated every single second. I have never been so hormonal in my life!! :(

Is this a recent thing? Or have you had trouble throughout your 8weeks drinking the 4ltr of water?
This is the first time I have felt like that. And I am feeling much better. I am now convinced it was result of lady week. You don't know how lucky you are to be a man Pete!

B x

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