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Im on day 3 now which is great as there is nothing worse than the first week.

I have just put the kids tea out and ate a chip without thinking just did it. This made me think really how much food was i eating before without thinking. I am not going to beat myself up about it as these are habits i need to break and if i knew i was going to have a chip i would have picked the biggest lol.

Has anyone else found this?

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yes definately, I would pick all day long. especially at night when i was watching tv. This diet really does sort out your eating habits. I would also have toast for supper, I completely lost that 'full' feeling
I have had to syop myself picking a couple of times. Your right you dont think about it. Cooking for the Kids can be hard...and it can be difficult when they walk past you with chocolate bars especially as its nearly totm..:( i may have to ban goodies from the house...evil mother lol ....:D ........only kidding:)


Slowly but surely!
Ive been the same, realised how id eat from their leftovers too lol I found myself licking the ice cream spoon the other day, these things will happen when your around food and kids lol


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It's one of the reasons I am doing this diet - is to break the habits that I have.

Good luck


Here we go again!
Many times in the first few weeks had to stop myself from picking at things I normally would have stuffed in my face. You do start adjusting the way you think about things like that, the thought goes through your head to eat but immediately you tell yourself you're not to and you don't. Great new habits to take with us when we finish this. For me this is what the diet is all about. Changing bad habits and beginning new ones!
It does get easier but those first few weeks are definitely the ones when that picky feeling just surfaces and you have to remind yourself you cant.
It was a little easier for me as there is only me and my OH in the house and with me working shifts he was more or less cooking for himself the first week. I was well into it before I actually cooked for him.
Hopefully it gets easier for you. The biggest thing for me was to go and wash my hands immediately so I wasnt tempted to even lick my fingers.....lol. Good luck.


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol I know what you mean... Thankfully I didnt cheat once!!

But about losing the full feeling... Yup i was in the same boat... Never felt full!! Every time I went into the kitchen I ate something lol!!

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I always thought I didn't eat much and now actually find it quite scary how much I was eating and how many times I would have eaten a load of rubbish, has also made me pleased now that I know I don't need to eat so much!
Dont beat yourself up honey.

I'm trying to break the habit of a lifetime...I adore everything about food. I still cook the most delish meals for my OH and I sigh heavily when I'm alone in the kitchen...but he never sees me struggle, as he would be so quick to tell me to come off of this and I am at day 12 now. My friends at work just cannot believe that a foodaholic like me is actually doing this! But I have to say, that if this is going to shrink my stomach to the point where I accept and enjoy small, healthy meals in the future then its VERY worth the short-term suffering. Keep your chin up, your water down and your eyes on the prize!!!!!

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