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Hacked off - O/T

I have been at work since 7.30am this morning. I have a half finished report to write for a colleague who lost half of a document due to an IT system failure at 6pm last night, she is now on annual leave, I have to finish another report of my own and STILL our IT department and our landlords IT department are p*ssing about getting it fixed. We connect through Citrix which is a problem here although I have worked through Citrix at other organisations and had no problem, something to do with the farm and router.

Errrgh - its just so annoying, and meanwhile we sit. The only thing I can get onto its internet, which is ok for mini's etc but .... although I not often feel concientous I really need to get this work done. Will not be happy if I'm here later this afternoon when I want to go home. OK, deep breath, sorry for rant.

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Aww it's good to have a rant, hope it all gets sorted quickly!! Looking at your losses i lost the same as you week 1 and now week 2!!x
Hi Airgirl

Hope you have a better week 3 than me then!!

It levels out to be honest, I'm happy, I could not have had these losses on WW or SW so .....

Your doing fab.



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I'll be honest last night i was thinking of swapping over to ww or similiar but after getting my jeans on i decided i can do 1 more week..and hopefully i can keep telling myself that til i reach goal. Week 2 was not a nice experience for me so hoping week 3 can only get better.
Your losses are great though so i'm just hoping i do follow your pattern.x


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aw hon. am hoping they get it fixed soon. as an IT techie i can say that citrix can be a b*tch when it goes wrong. all i can wish you is luck :)

abz xx
We're back on IT connection, hooray!

So frustrating when you have work to do.

Speak to you all later - thanks abz, I know citrix is a b*tch but hay ho.



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Rant away but that technical jargon could have been written in chinese for all i understood!! I'm so out of date, emailing and a bit of ebay is about all i can manage.

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