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Had brill week until someone ruined it grrr


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Hi all

Well ive had a good week well until now so here goes...

Tuesday/Thursday i went to the caravan to surprise my family and youngest and i did lol, my mum was happy i was there as she said she is really depressed (we were suppose to be in vegas that week) so we went to the shops to get some clothes for oct when we do go vegas, well went to evans and i tried on a few tops and omg did i look like a tent in the new range, so i thought bu***r it and tried on some jeans, i was 22 so i thought oh heck go for 18's and try them and they fitted omg i couldnt believe it i was jumping for joy in fitting room and the lady was laughing and saying congrats, and then asked her if they are proper fitting just to make sure im in the right sizes and then she said oh they are generous fitting anyways, i thought thanks that made me feel great NOT, anyways i was happy. Got back and i ate all sw stuff cos took my own but oh my, my downfall was the bacardi and cider which i had both nights, didnt make wi as arrived back to late, but enjoyed myself. Brought youngest back and kept middle on there.

Friday only me and youngest in all day as eldest went to g/f's as they were getting ready for her birthday party for saturday, so i decided to put 20 on bingo and that lasted ages and had 80 left in account so i left it for the night time, but went on my regular site to get ready for a few jp games at 9 and 10 so put 20 on there and the 9pm jackpot i won so i was happy and banked 180, then i went on the other site i was on at first and i thought come of with 60 and play with other 20 so i did but balance kept going up won 100 on slots which took me to 160 and then at 1am ( i no still playing with money) the bingo room shut and there was only one other room left open and it had 500 players and i thought no way, but i went in and tried a few games while playing on slots and i didnt realise i won 512 and couldnt believe it, time was roughly 5am so i decided enough was enough i was tired and giddy and i banked 600 so i was well chuffed as im thinking 3 boys xmas wooohooo.

Saturday/Today went to pick kid up from mums today and over weekend i told her my great news as i dont have no friends to tell or to moan to, but all she could say was ok so that 600 is going towards vegas for us both then, i was shocked totally that she said this and my dad looked at me, dont get me wrong im not ungrateful that she is paying for vegas for me and giving me spending money but she won 5000 on lottery and that what she decided to do, but dad didnt want to go and she taking me instead, she no's i dont have loads of money as it goes on food and kids, nothing on me at all. Well son said that at the caravan she said i wish i was taking you dave (my dad) and tbh i wish she was now as i dont feel like going and i wish i didnt win nothing, i mean i dont win anything at all me and i just wanted someone to say congrats but no not her, i didnt moan to her on wednesday night at caravan when she was playing bingo and slot oh that 400 you got there you banking it, she kept playing. Sorry for moaning but i dont wanna go i just wanna ring her and tell her where to stick it, am i being wrong if so tell me.

I owe my dad 650 and i wanted to pay him 200 so i can get my balance down and whats left put away for xmas for kids as the xmas money has gone towards vegas for there treats and stuff so mum dont think she paying for everything. No matter what i do i feel like cr*p now, but feel better i told someone, sorry if i bored you but i do feel tad better

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*hugs Jacqui and clonks her mum*

Oh honey. Don't let her make you feel guilty about
it, as you say it was HER choice and you didn't force her to take you or to pay for everything.

Do what you planned with your winnings and leave it at that.


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