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had enough of stupid slow cooker


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Arggggghhh for past week ive made two casseroles and today i started mine at 10.30 with meat and sauce with veg, now its only 13.47 and the whole damn thing is sticking to the sides and its only on low settings, surely this isnt right. Imagine me at work i would come back to nothing but shrivelleed up meat and veg.

Help plz xxxx
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Maybe you haven't got enough liquid in it Jacquie - put some water in to thin your stew down, and keep it on low.

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How much liquid did you add when you switched it on? Liquid doesn't tend to evaporate in SC because of the seal with the lid but you still need a fair amount to start with. Often the top edges of my casseroles will stick/burn slightly but the rest is fine.


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I find that my tesco slowcooker is rather fast. Even on slow I find beef/ pork casseroles are done in 3 hrs. If this is for the cost of a lightbulb instead of an oven then I'm happy, but I agree I wouldn't put mine on all day!
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What make is it, I have a Crockpot version and its no problem at all, in fact I don't know what I would do without it, I would try adding more liquid when you start it.
Hope this helps.
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Am going shopping for a Slow-Cooker at the weekend. Wondering which one to get? Any recommendations. Don't want to end up with burnt casserole !!


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Think about what size of cooker you need. Mine is 3.5l and that will happily feed a family of 4 with leftovers to freeze. You can get bigger cookers at 6.5l but then you've got to find somewhere to store it and this will be a BIG one. Also they say that to get the best out of the slow cooker it has to be filled to a certain amount - this will obvisouly be more for the larger cooker so would you want to be cooking on that scale every time you use it?

I'd recommend getting one with a variable temperature control - at least a high and low setting and preferably a warm setting. You can get cookers that automatically switch to warm at the end of the cooking period but these are obviously more expensive. I think this would be a really useful function but maybe one for trading up in the future. But for starting out a basic model will do the job - read the reviews on the Argos website and the cheaper models seem to do the job very well.
I cooked a lamb and barley casserole in my Tesco one the other day and it was fine.

1 pack of Waitrose Irish Stew mix a(potato, leek, onion, carrot, barley, herbs) plus about 1/2 pint water, plus four pieces of lean lamb. Cooked it on high just to get it going and turned it down to low and left it - I put it on at about 2 p.m. and had dinner at 8.30 p.m.
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I put sauage casserole in mine yesterday. That doesn't normally take that long to cook. I put it in at around 1.30pm and ate it at around 6pm. I ahve put some stuff in before work at half 8 and had it 11 or 12 hours later before. It's been fine on low. My old one you could set to a timer and after that it switch it to warm. That was great and really useful.
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I've never had any problems with mine.. I would suggest you just scan through the instuction booklet and see if there is a minimum amount of liquid you should add, if not and you are using a ready made sauce, just thin it down a little.

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