had my consultation tonight


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You may remember I posted about a week ago about seeing a consultant plastic surgeon regarding a tummy tuck and a some work on my boobs. I've just got back and I'm very excited! She grappled very expertly with both areas and showed me pretty much what I'd look like afterwards, and I came home zinging! I really will be able to wear a bikini very soon. We're going to Rome just before Easter and then she (surgeon) is away so it look like the second week of May, which is 11 weeks, even if I only lost 2lbs a week (which is what my body seems to be doing :sigh: ) then that's another 22lbs, which will make me less than 10 and half stone, and hopefully she'll whip off another 4 or 5 lbs, and I'll be less than half a stone from my absolute ideal weight, and general consensus is that I'll be too skinny under 10 stone anyway. I am completely rambling here, but I am soo excited! It's going to cost about 9K for both but they will be done at the same time, I'll be in for 3 days then bent over attractively for 2 weeks, but I should look good for the summer. Did I mention that I was excited. I really am. Really. Truly.
who's excited btw:)
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Awww good for you kate i hope it all goes well im excited for you. btw my mum and dad have just come back from rome they said it was beautiful.

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how exciting! Will have to start upping my savings as my boobs could do with being done now!! Keep us updated!! V.excited for you but poss not as excited as you, understandably!!!


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I feel the excitement ozzing from you, you lucky girl, i'd love a boob lift and tummy tuck if i ever got to goal but don't i'll ever be able to afford it.


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ooohh very excited for you. I would love a tummy tuck & boob job, I am going to have another baby after lost all my weight & then start saving.

I am worried about scars thoug, did they tell you what type of scarring you would have?


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Oh, yes skinnyminny, my consultant was very thorough, and quite frankly, any scarring, even at it's worst, will be far better than how I currently look :)
When i've recovered I might consider a thight lift too! She said she does some lipo on hips and pubic bone while she's tummy tucking so that's out of the way too. She advised me not to have lipo on my thighs as my problem is skin not fat, and sucking what fat there is out, will just leave more excess skin, so she'll just lift and trim later on. May consider my under arms too. And then that's it. Really!!


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Hi Lilypad,

Well done! Im so excited 4 u too! (I need the same things doing - keep trying to explain to people that some situps wont be enough to sort it, and boobs - they just disappeared as the weight has!).

I thnk you are so brave too - have you thought about a before and after pic diary?

It would be so inspirational on this site!

Maybe you can recommend your surgeon (she sounds great) for those here in the mids.

Welld one, well done, well done u!


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I am thinking of seeing whether I qualify for a tummy tuck through the NHS. I am afraid of the boob job though. Although they are sad and saggy, I would be devastated to lose any sensitivity (!).

Perhaps I should make an appointment and ask for a referral to a consultant? Hmm, yes I think I will.

Please do keep us posted about your experiences Lilypad!


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OOH.. That's brilliant.. that's exactly what I'd like done although we can't afford it.. but my GP said long before I embarked on this that if/when I lostthe weight he would refer me for it! So fingers crossed..

May I ask something personal.. don't answer if you don't wish but are you under or over 40?


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Hi Lilypad

I had my consultation yesterday about a boob job and I'm going to have an uplift as soon as I can work out the dates. I'm really excited about it too -- but dead nervous as well as I've never had any kind of operation before :rolleyes:

Unfortunately my surgeon told me that he didn't recommend work done on my thighs. The resulting scar would be far too drastic and the lift probably wouldn't work too well apparently as there's far too much loose skin present now :( That was disappointing .. although he was a lot more positive about removing the excess skin from my upper arms - so something to think about for the future.

Boobs first though! :D