Had my first major blip!!!!


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Hi all

Well today is the day that we are all heading out for a friends birthday meal which I had planned to eat at all along.....

Anyway last night I really do not know what got into me.... DH went out for a few pints and before I knew it I had eaten a crisp sandwich (eeeeeeekkkkk at the thught of white bread!!) 4 hob nobs and one of the kids choccie bars!!!

I am sooooo peed off with myself, cannot believe I did it after over a month with no food, got on the scales this morn and even they say I have put on half a pound!! Totally peed off now and today is just gonna make it worse :(:(:(:(:mad:
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did you enjoy the blip ? sometimes we just miss food but when it comes down to it we really didn't enjoy it as much as we thought we would ....
So your out tonight on a Birthday doo ? what are you planning on having ?
All I can say is hurry back on CD and don't stress to much over whats happened .


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Hun, don't worry about the weigh gain from last night. Most of that is fluid retention from those carbs you consumed, After your meal out tonight, get back to drinking loads and the little weight you ahve gained will fly off.

Keep in mind you have to consume over 3000 cals to gain 1lb and there is no way your sarnie and bits equated to 1500 cals.

Enjoy your evening, don't feel guilty about eating, enjoy each mouthful and then get back to it tomorrow.

Charlie xx


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I think that sometimes the idea of a planned blip gives us the excuse in our head to have one the day before/2 days before - got to admit that in the past I've done it myself. I think it's pretty natural really - I'm sure that once you've got today out of the way you'll be straight back on it and the odd pound will soon be gone.

Don't beat yourself up about it and enjoy your day xx


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Thanks guys, i just cannot believe how incredibly guilty i feel. Its actually shocked me!

DH just said to get over it enjoy today and get back on it tomorrow.

And he said how well I have done so far which really cheered me up so I am feeling a lot more positive, cant actually wait now until tomorrow to get back to SS!!!

Have a fab day guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Aww Truf - big deal a crisp sarnie and a chocy bar! As someone said above its not going to add up to too many cals - enjoy the birthday today guilt free as you know you'll be back on CD come 2moro and any gain will be gone in a jiffy! :)

You've done brill keep it up x

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I agree with these ladies! Don't worry about it and have a fantastic night out tonight :) Start fresh tomorrow and you'll have lost that tiny bit of weight in a couple days. You can wake up tomorrow and think hey I enjoyed my break, now back to business :D


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Hi Guys

Well yesterday I ate like there was no tomorrow and guess what, I enjoyed every minute of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I have eaten today also (I had a bacon sandwich for brekkie) I know I know I sound like one of those people "I will start tomorrow" haha! And toorrow never comes!

But I am back on SS 100% as of tomorrow!

I actually feel very sick today (I did not drink at all last night - just water) I am wondering if its like a carb overload and thats what is making me feel poo!!

I had my bacon sarnie this morn and I have had 1 shake this afternoon.

100% now allthis week then my next hurdle is its DD's christening next Sunday!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Truf xxxxxxxxxxx


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I think you have done incredibly well to manage over one month before doing it. Today is only Day 7 SS for me and I have just cheated with 2 choc ices. Don't know how much damage they will have done but not too pleased with myself. I am a slow loser to start with and the scales aren't registering a very good loss this week anyway :(

Enjoy what you eat tonight and get straight back on the wagon. You are doing really well. Don't beat yourself up too much about it.


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Thanks miriam,

Keep drinking the water hun, every time you feel that urge, sip sip sip and sip away!!

Honestly the weight will come flying off, especially in your first week.

Dont feel to beat up about the choc ices just get swallowing the water xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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I think blips happen to the vast majority of people. Without the occassional blip on CD l doubt if l would have been able to stick to it. Thing is to not let them carry on too long, just draw a line under it and get back on track.

You are doing, really, really well. :happy096: