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had my induction for LighterLife

Welcome Alison, you are in the right place. We are all inspired as most of us cant believe how well we are doing.

You will be too. Good luck on your journey.
Hello alison, i have found this site and the wonderful people on here priceless. I have spent the last couple of days glued to here looking for advice and recipes etc. Everyone has been brilliant with any concerns i have raised so please do use it as much as you can!

I'm on day four and going for my pop in tonight with my first weigh in on thursday! Hope fully soon i will be able to put my before and after pictures up next to yours!!! :welcome:
thank you to all of you, im just wondering i notice a few people are form west midlands, who is your counciller?
if you dont mind me asking. i just found mine a little hard to talk to, saying that she was fine , im not being picky
Cheers Alison:rolleyes:
Hi alison, mine is called Helen and we meet in Dorridge near solihullx
:):) hi thank you for getting back to me, i was wondering wether to change to another group as my leader was away with the fairies quiet abit, if you know what i mean, she was a really nice lady , but i just didnt feel like she was the type of leader i was looking for, can i ask you what size is your leader? mine must be about 30-32 which again a founf hard to think that i should be taking diet tips from, gosh i hope this doesnt sound nasty as its not meant to be at all.

Oh dear i guess it's not a great advert for LL is it? My counciler has lost 5st on LL and is maintaining i would guess around dress size 10/12. She is lovely to talk to, i guess to be successful at this you do need to have confidence in the counciler xxx :psiholog:
Such a variance in LLC's. Mine is slim, always has been. He has never had a weight problem and she's lovely. She is a psych for overeating as well as anorexia. SHe has a goooood grasp on eating disorders. In a way, I like that she has never had a weight porblem herself, as we are learning from someone 'normal', which is what I hope to be one day. It'd be a first in more wais then one!! :D
Thank you, i really want this to work, but when i went to the door and knocked(which in its self is a big step) i was really shocked to see a lady who infact was alot larger than myself, she then sat us down to watch a dvd ,(while she left the room) then when it had finished, she had a short 20 min chat with us,
im sure she is a lovely women and i am going to have a good go at the LL, just felt it strange someone who is alot larger than me sitting there getting out of breath talking to us.:eek:

But never the less im going to give it 100%

Good luck with the diet Alison - you'll very soon be so happy you started on it.

Keep us updated with your losses :D
my counciller is also very slim super friendly and has never been overweight.
I would maybe try and focus more on your own Journey. I agree its kind of disheartening when someone telling you to loose weight is bigger than you but keep your goal in mind. You are doing this for yourself for your own weight loss and she is there as a support mechanism and use her for that. The councilling is very helpful and listen to what she has to say. Even though she isnt taking her own advice it doesnt mean its bad =]
and tbh you will get most of your support from us lot!
You will be fine!!
Good luck!!

Deb G

Silver Member
MOST of us are success stories....or at least.... succeeding stories! My LLC is great - she used to be about 3 stone heavier and is now lovely and slim - although she jokes that I am slimmer than her now! They appear to vary alot - but to be honest, I've done a lot of my own reading up on things which has supported the counselling we get.

You'll do really well - can't wait to follow your progress!
yeah i be ok, just cant wait to get it started, cant get into see my dr till thursday, but keep reading up on here and the LL webpage.
Once again thanks for all of your support


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