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Had such a rough night last night....help!!!

Right. Last night was the worst night i have had sonce startling LL. And we are going to be discussing......dun dun dun......Poo! (amazing how quick we get to know each ther here ;))

I am in need of advice. I am pretty certain I have piles. :( owwww. And I am pretty cetain I have 'stuff':eek: that wants out, but can't. I have barely slept, my stomach cramps have been so bad. THey have literally had me up every single hour.....but I could not pass anything! Wind, or other....and both desperatly needed. The only thing that came out with a moderate amount of effort was blood.

I took a laxative at 1:30am and as of yet, no joy. And I really don;t want to get in the habit of taking them every week. (Had to have one last weekend too)

I a, drinking plenty of water - 4 to 5 ltrs. I wonder if it is because I have been making more crisps and muffins, and maybe I shoulod stick more to shakes and soups in their intended form?

Also wondered if psyllium husks are effective? If so, the whole, or the poweder, and what do you do with it?

Thanks peeps. I really need advice. This has me really 'Bummed' out (hehe pun intended) and my tummy hurts:(

You should HEAR the sounds it is making now as I type this. I really feel rough.
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im sorry you are going through this. If there is some blood then i would suggest ringing the NHS or going to the doctors tomorrow. I really hope it sorts itself out soon
PH are great. I use to suffer constipation on LL and got piles too. Painful - so ((hugs)) to you. Now I use PH powder.
Psyllium Husks Digestive Fibre - 300g tub or you can buy Coloncare capsules from Holland and Barrat.

I put the powder in soup or shakes (it thickens it slightly) or make "porridge" - http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/13735-psyllium-porridge.html

If you still need "to go" now, drink plenty of water - hot helps, have a warm bath and if that doesn't work take some ducolax.

It could be that making the muffins/crisps made it worse, if you didn't drink extra water that you would have used to make the packs into soup/shakes??

Hope you soon feel better.
Thanks Ladies.

I did have a Dulcolax in the wee hours of the morning - waiting for a result and I do get plenty of water, but I think I will lay off the muffins and crisps for a short while and see if that helps. In the past when I had a pile flare-up, I did bleed so I am not too too concerned about that (but should I be more concerned because of the diet do you reckon?) I really don't want to go see my doc and have him look at my bum - I would be mortified!!

THanks for the links to the Psyllium Husks,....will be getting some of those ASAP!

<sigh> I hate feeling crappy, and this is the first that I have since I started. boooohooo. :)

First off I would say if you are bleeding down there get it checked. It sounds like piles but you should still make sure - maybe go to an NHS walk in centre?

One thing that helps me with tummy problems apart from laxatives is an abdominal massage. Go gently at first then build up pressure to the point of it feeling firm but not being painful. Get massage oil and start at the lower right side of your tum, go up then across then down so you are following the line of your large intestine. It helps as it just helps move everything to the end so to say.


Gone fishing
Ouch, poor you BL Piles can be so painful.

PH really does work. Rather than a cure, it's more of a preventative. I used the capsules as it was easy. Just keep taking capsules/powder throughout before the constipation sets in. Perfectly safe :)

I do have a great cure for piles, but people laugh at me when I tell them.

I wouldn't take dulcolax regularly. It's not recommended at all on Cambridge, and LL being so similar and all that..........

Do try the PH though once the 'problem has passed'
I do have a great cure for piles, but people laugh at me when I tell them.
Whats that then nerdy bum?

Hope you're feeling better BL xxx
THanks KD and Blue. I would rathar take PH no doubt, but LLC said Dulcolax was allowed? In any event, I am not a fan of laxatives as I know how harsh they are on our bodies. I have ordered some PH, and will start adding it to my first meals of the days.

Thanks a lot!

I think its going to be a duvet day today :(


Gone fishing
Whats that then nerdy bum?
Anyway...who are you calling nerdy bum? You're just jealous as you haven't got a brain full of useless information:p:D

Hang on, back in a mo.
Doorbell was ringing. Was for DS2 (again:rolleyes:)

Right. I used to use Prep H, or Anusol (which I hate buying as I always tempted to tell the pharmasist I want Anus Oil :giggle:

One night I was in agony. Had been using the above, but it wasn't helping much. I googled and found this 'cure'. Often given by midwives and the NCT.

Grate a peeled potato and apply to bum. Wear old knickers as it does stain them purple. Go to bed. Easy as that :) The relief is wonderful. So cooling. In the morning they were gone. Well, the pain was and the piles were much smaller.

Another thing they recommend (but I wouldn't do this if I was constipated), is to make a small thin chip out of potato and insert like a pessary.

Sounds gross, but it really works.

Stop laughing BG. I can hear you :D

Mwahahahaha!!! And excuse me, i'm full of useless info! For instance, i know the colour combinations for resistors! Do you??

In all seriousness, BL why dont you give it a go? Good luck doll xx
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I thank you, and thats the reason i had 100% in my electronics GCSE!


Gone fishing
(black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white)
Oh well. Got three of them right :D

I thank you, and thats the reason i had 100% in my electronics GCSE!
I dunno, you young folk. Electronics??? Electronics??? When I was at school, the best I could hope for was domestic science.

"Now girls, we are going to show you how you iron your husbands shirts and if you are really good, we will cook a dinner for him next week" :clap::rolleyes:

None of this Electronics rubbish. :D
IW! Imagine waking up and it had gone missing, then you found your cat munching on something.

ok ok, sorry, im wetting myself here. Piles is no laughing matter - but KD IS! Sorry dahling, me and my youth will eff off now xxx
BL go to the chemist and get a box of sachets called Movicol - this is a powder you drink with water and it just softens all your poo - doesn't force it out of you as laxatives do (or don't) but it works on softening it so it leaves you naturally ----- and believe me it will leave you as this stuff really works and there's not much in that department that works on me.

I'm also struggling with the whole bowel thing, no matter how much I drink I can't go - when I go it kills and then after I've been I go bloody loads and then the whole cycle starts again.

Funnily enough I got up this morning with the intention of going back on Movicol.
:rotflmao::rotflmao: :rotflmao: KD the potatoes is the best I've heard yet - just imagining running to the loo in the middle of the night, forgetting they're there and then wiping yourself and screaming with fright when you feel what's just left you! :rotflmao::rotflmao: :rotflmao:
:rotflmao::rotflmao: :rotflmao: Urgh Flirty - no to Shepherds Pie!!!!!!

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