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had the week from hell


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Was doing ok then on monday i got dumped by the guy i thought was my soulmate.:sigh: Had a day or so were i didnt hardly eat i was so deverstated then on friday what with feeling so low and being pre menstral i really wanted some chocolate and i gave in and binged on loads of it.
Woke up feeling really bad yesterday and determined to get back on track and i done ok but i hate feeling this way as usually i would use food as my comfort but im not going to this time.
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So sorry to hear about your week - it would be easy to get knocked off track but already you are saying that you are not going to comfort eat. You sound strong and that you are determined. Do you have something coming up that you can look forward to? Sending you big hugs and strong vibes!


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Thankyou so much i have got a couple of things coming up and im using the thought of them to keep me on track. One minuite im fine and really determined then i get sad and want to curl up with a massive bar of chocolate
Of course you do hun - it's a horrible time but I notice you have lost 26lbs so far - that's amazing and you will soon be feeling better. He'll be kicking himself when he sees the new you!!!
You must be feeling awful, but dont give up. Times a great healer,just try and stay positive. Try to eat low point snacks, and make use of all your friends, im sending you a big cuddle, take care. xxx
Oh hun I'm so sorry to hear your bad news :(
My ex broke up with me just after I started weight watchers (just over a year ago now). I was absolutely shattered and wasn't sure how I was going to survive.
WW gave me something to focus on, something i was doing for me. Fast forward a year and I am over 3 stone lighter, have just set a new personal best for a 10k, and am training for a half marathon. Today, on a date with one of the three men currently chasing me, I saw my ex and his new fiancee (despite the fact he always told me he never wanted to get married) across the shopping centre.
I smirked, because I know I am in such a better place now, and better off without the idiot that didn't realise how good he had it.
Don't get me wrong, it took me a long time to get there, and there was a lot of difficult times. Minimins was an invaluable support. Anyway, my point is, I got here. I remember just how hard it was, but you WILL get through this, and you WILL come out stronger xx
Lovin' that post Crooked Smile - hope that has helped. Just think where you could be in a year....
All u can do luv is try ur best i knw its hard wit wat ur goin thru but ya'll get der in d end and at the end of the day the only person dat matters is u so try not 2 go off track easier said dan done i knw but u seem determined not 2 over eat so dats a gud sign

Keep d chin up xxxxxxxxx

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