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Had to have Strepsils because of bad throat! I think i am out of ketosis :(

I am so upset today. I have had a very sore throat since last night and all this morning i have not been able to talk or have any water because my throat has been very sore. So drinking my mikshakes and water has been extreamly painful today and i only managed to have 1 litre.

So after having a little cry about it i decided that i would have to take something for it. I tried to gargle soluable paracetamol, but it didnt help. I tried neurofen but it didnt work, so i decided that i would have to take some strepsils to help get rid of the pain.

Anyway, i know i must be out of ketosis now because the strepsils contain sucrose and glucose :(. I feel really upset about this because i was doing so well with the diet and starting to see differences in my face and body.

I am hoping my throat will be better by tmrw because i am desperate to get back to CD but do you think i am out of ketosis and my weight has gone up?? I am too scared to weigh myself :(

Anyway, i hope everyone has had a fab day.

Nyt xx
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Poor you:hug99:

The danger of going out of ketosis is that you will get hungry and break the diet.

Your weight will not go up unless you start eating...

Regardless of diet, you must try and make sure to drink plenty of fluid as you do not want to get dehydrated.

I hope you are feeling much better tomorrow.

You might consider for a few days doing SSing plus where skimmed milk is included and have some tea or coffee.

Give your CDC a call in the morning and run it by her.
Hi hun, thanks for your reply. I weighed myself his morning and i'v gained 0.5lbs but thats probably because of the spoon of honey i had which cotains natural antibiotics. Although i haven't checked with a ketosis stick thingy, i know i am out of ketois because of the strepsils i ate and the honey.

My throat is not any better this morning but i am not going to have any more strepsils or honey. I am going to continue with the diet by drinking warm water and continue with garggling with paracetemol.

I think i will find it harder to get back on SS 100% if i take a few days break.

I will be ringing my CDC tonight when she gets back from work to see what my other options are.

Thanks again for your advice mini.

xx :)
Can you add ice to your water and shakes...that may soothe your throat. x
I think that might make me worse because i got my sore throat from drinking very cold water. This always happens to me on CD because i cant stand drinking water that isn't cold. Its so annoying.

xx :)


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Oh you poor thing, I hope you feel better soon. Have you tried gargling with warm salt water? Gross I know but it's the only thing that helps me when i have a sore throat.
I think I'vve got the same thing - Sore Throat, Headache, etc. etc.

The strepsils may have knocked you out of Ketosis, but as you are only having a small amount of them, you should go right back in when you stop taking them.

The fear is that the lack of Ketosis will leave you feeling hungry, so more likely to snack on bad stuff.

I would stick at SSing, but if you are hungry have an AAMW meal as that will be healthy and won't make you gain any weight.

If you do go on the scales in the mean time and see a gain DO NOT WORRY! It will merely be your glycogen stores filling up with the extra carbs, and they will go the minute you stop the strepsils.

Hope you feel better, but so long as you are 'good', whether that mean's SSing or SS+ing, you will continue to lose weight this week:)

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