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  1. suzifto

    suzifto New Member

    Hi there just join MiniMins looks like a great forum:)

    I have restarted CD a lot this past year and I’m feeling a little low so much so too embarrassed to see my counsellor.

    I lost 20lbs just before xmas but now not only have I put it all back on I am loosing my hair:cry: has anybody else had any problems?

    Good news I’m back into day 5 and counting… I know I must see her as I’ve only got 2 days left.
    Anyway thanks for any help

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  3. LEJ

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    Hi Susan, Dont be worried about seeing your councillor she will understand and be pleased to see you. I cant help on the hair loss but i expect a councillor on here will be able to help you. Good luck on your restart, stay strong and keep us posted.:D
  4. christie

    christie Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Give your CDC a call and she will more than happy to help u. U should not feel embarassed as CDC know more than most after trying various diets how hard it is to loss weight. The only thing is u know this works and that u want to come back and do it.

    Good luck now in 5 days ketosis should be kicking in, go on phone her today.
  5. christie

    christie Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hair loss is one side effect and is rare. It can happen using any diet. It is harmless and temporary.
  6. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

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    It's true that it is only temporary, however if it's bugging you try out some thickening shampoos.

    I know some people on here have tried Pantogar - which you can get on line or the Nourkin system. I don't know how these affect ketosis so I'd probably steer clear of them.

    Just a suggestion!!

  7. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Well done for getting back on CD, phone your counsellor she will understand....

    Good luck hun xxx
  8. deej

    deej Member

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    About the hair loss, I experienced this too. Apparently (this is what I was told) when doing a vlcd the hair pretty much stops growing as the body diverts the energy elsewhere. You also stop shedding hair in the normal way. When you do start eating again the hair begins to grow again and the hair that your body would have normally shed over the time that you were ssing falls out. It looks as though you are losing exessive amounts of hair, but actually it is the hair that would normally have been shed over a period of time.

    My hair did appear thinner for a while, but it has now regrown and is just as thick as it was before. I don't think that it was ever really noticeable to anyone except me.

    It is only temporary and is more than compensated for by the weight loss! Good luck with CD.

  9. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Shampoo Bar from Lush

    Dont be too worried about seeing your consellor, she has probably seen the same situation before and maybe even gone through it herslef in the past, so she will understand. :)

    As for the hair loss, i'm only on day 5 and i am praying that my hair wont fall out. But i can recomend a really good shampoo bar from Lush. Its a red colour with 2 little cinnimon sticks in the middle.

    Here is the link: Bar Shampoos : Lush Times Online, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

    It is the 6th one on the page and it is tittled 'New Hair'

    I used it after my hair fell out from medication :mad: and it worked wonders. I was told that alot of people who have had chemo say it works really well.

    My hair started to get thinker after about a month of using it and now its realy thick and helalthy. I was hoping for the shampoo bar to help my hair grow longer but it made it more thick than long. But still a great soap and less than £5. :D

    You could also try vitamin supplemts for hair?? But I am not sure you can take these when on the diet :confused: You can also try a hair thickening shampoo and see if that works. But you would probably have to use it for a long time and i think the shampoo bar i mentioned above would work much better.

    I hope that has helped. Definatley look into the cinnimon shampoo bar at Lush. Explain to them that you want it to help with your hair growth.

    Good Luck xx
  10. vicster

    vicster CD addict

    Hi there
    I am three months in and mine has started falling out in clumps.. no bald spots yet!!!
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