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Hair loss when not dieting??


Gone fishing
I seem to be losing lots of hair. Has been happening over the last month or two.

This is fantastic in a way, as I've always had enough hair for a few hundred people, but it doesn't seem to be stopping:eek:

My hair now looks almost 'normal':cool: Just a bit concerned that it'll just keep falling out.

I haven't 'dieted' in the last 2.5+ years, and eat healthily enough (I reckon anyway). I'm 52 and would think that age is possibly playing a part?

It's just that it's only really been happening recently, and it's dropping relatively fast.:eek:

any ideas what might be going on here?
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Gone fishing
Have you had your thyroid checked? Might be worthwhile unexplained hairloss should be checked out. A quick blood test will sort you. Is your BP OK?
Blimey!! Scared the life out of me popping up like that whilst this thread has laid in peace unanswered for four days :D

Blood pressure.....super duper.
Thyroid......iffy. Swings a lot. On thyroxine and get checked regularly. :confused:
yes me too :D

Are you taking a supplement? I take a boots hair and nails one and my barnet is better than pre Lighter life but needs washing more often. The lard fairy smears my head at night and it needs a good wash in the morning! :rotflmao:
I used to lose a lot of hair, but then I started taking biotin pills recommended by my hair stylist and after a few months of use my hair falling out has subsided. Biotin is great for hair, skin, and nails. I do not go a day without this supplement.

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