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Hair loss....


Playing the Angel
From about week 11 onwards, more than usual, and still more than usual but not extreme. My sister on the other hand lost loads and her hair has really thinned. She says though that since starting RTM it has improved.

I haven't seen one BL! lol

I am on week 17 and have not experienced any hair loss. It may come, it may not. I do not mind either way. I have long, thick hair anyway!

Kat xx
No worry Kat. Its one of those things that always "crops" up :D

It generally happens once people start eating again. During abstainince you don't shed hair as you normally would- your body holds onto all its reserves during the perceived "drought".

Then when you start eating, body says 'OK - all is well with the world" and kicks back into action, and you shed all the hairs tht were saved up. So it appears to be a massive amount of loss for some.
Others, not so much.

I lost a bit around my hairline. I onlynotices when I noticed it growing back in.

Some have quite a drastic amount and others barely noticeable. It all comes back, thats the main thing. And a very small price to pay.

I'm still in abstinence and started losing hair around about week 18. It has continued ever since, varying in amounts but very noticeable when taken out of the brush each day and coming out in the shower and blocking the plug!

My hair is getting quite thin now, but no-one else has really noticed and I'm quite happy that it will grow back in when I am eating properly again.


Happy in my own skin
I'm on week 8 now of RTM. Not noticed any difference from usual...but then there was always lots of my hair everywhere you looked at home. I've got quite thick long hair so any loss I think will only be noticed by me...so not that bothered. And as someone I met recently said....hey I might be bald, but I will be thin....and I can always wear a wig...:D
I agree, if I had to go bald to be slim then so be it, it does grow back!

Kat xx;)


Releasing the goddess
When I did this program before I too lost what seemed like a lot of hair. My brush was full every day and also it blocked my bath plughole after a shower etc. It disturbed me at the time, however, no one else noticed and it soon came back. If it happens this time round, I wont mind, as Kat is right, I would much rather be slim and healthy...the hair WILL come back...and this time the fat wont! x
I've started noticing hair loss since about week 18. It's very noticeable when I brush my hair, in the plughole and on the vaccuum cleaner brush but otherwise there is no visible difference. My hair is very long which is probably why it's noticeable to me.

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