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Hair loss

Sorry to bring up a negative comment but has anyone experienced any hair loss (especially people that have been doing this a while)?

Im trying not to think about it but it is still playing on my mind.

I'd rather walk down the aisle fat than bald!!!

I'd rather know the truth so that I can either stop worrying or re-consider my priorities.


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Hey hun, i was going to start LT ages ago but cos i read about hair loss I decided against it, on further investigation I foung out it not actually LOSS it's just thinning and isn't permanent and you WONT go bald:) Your hair will go back to normal when you refeed. It's not thinning cos of LT, it thins anyway but when not on LT you grow new hair to take the place of shed hair, get me? Now that's not expert opinion just what I've read and on the LT vidoe.
Try not to worry about it.

I've heard that SOME people might experience a little hair loss on a VLCD - but not to the extent of being practically bald.

Peronsally, in the 8 months I sole sourced in 2006, I didn't notice ANY hair loss (other than the normal) so it's not engraved in granite :)
SH!T I cant afford to lose anymore
I too have heard about the hair loss, I heard that although we are getting the nutrients we need through the 3 shakes/soups etc the hair is the ne of the last places to be nurished, therefore sme hairloss is sometimes a side effect. Personnly I have never been longer than a few weeks at a time. i think if something drastic did happen with my hair I would stop as like you I dont plan on walking down the isle bald! Hopefully we'll nt need to come off until we loss some flab first tho huh!
I am still losing hair even though it has been about a month since I finished LT, however, as previously stated, it doesn't come out in clumps and there are no bald spots. It just falls when I brush it in small pieces, like what's left over after you have your hair cut. I wouldn't worry about it.


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My chemist told me that this diet is a 'controlled starvation' diet. Because of this your body will use the calories for the more important things like.....keeping your vital organs going. The growth of new hair will stop (in some people) until you go back to eating more calories. Your hair doesn't fall out any more then usual....you maybe notice it more because you are looking for it. Our hair falls out daily, but new hair is replacing it all the time. Once you come off the diet and increase your calories, the production of new hair will go straight back to normal.

I was extreemly worried about this and did a lot of research as when I was 11 I had a mild form of alopecia. I have a small bald patch at the back of my head (about the size of a 10p piece) that never grew back. I'm lucky its there because you cannot ever see it, even when my hair is in a pony, but the thought of losing my hair terrifies me. I've not noticed a significant amount of hair loss, so am sticking with it.

Hope this helps to set your mind at ease.


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I have heard about hair thining but that it grows back, also heard that their are pills ur chemist can give u which help. My mother, my sister and me were all on LT for over 2 months and none of us experienced it.

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