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Has any one experienced hairloss being on CD? I am losing a bit of hair and I am quite worried:( Should I have any viatmin like B complex or something?:confused: Or will this just clear by itself? This is my 4th week on ss+... Any feedback on this will be appreciated?:sigh:
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A pound at a time
I have noticed a little bit of extra hairfall myself. I think that if we are prone to it it will happen on any diet. It's temporary and the hair will grow back. So I am just focusing on the weight loss for now and when that is over I can focus on the hair.
ok... I try to not comb or wash my hair very often...because the hairflow is worrying me a bit... I'll see how it goes the next few days. But I am not worried and I am sticking to the diet:)


A pound at a time
Yeah. Just remember to comb is easier on the hair than brushing. Also nice to see someone here abroad (india). I am in Kuwait and it can get quite lonely diet wise that's why i'm on here all the time.
Same here!! I kept wondering when some one would turn up from this side of the world:) And as you said it is very difficult dieting alone. But this forum is awesome and you will get all the support you want. I was helped out many times when I was in the dumps:( But keep up with the diet :)


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Hi Cleopatra76,

It's not permanent, it is similar to the way some lose their hair after having a baby and it usually grows back better than ever I have found.

I have lost 3st (42lb - 19kg) on the ‘Sole Source’ programme and am now experiencing some hair loss. Is this due to the Cambridge Diet?
Hair loss, with a generalised thinning of the hair, is usually linked to emotional stress, severe illness, malnutrition, hypothyroidism, hormones, and (for a few people) extensive weight loss over a sustained period of time whatever the method of weight loss used. So, it is due to a physiological response to the actual weight loss process rather than to the Diet, and the incidence is very low. Hair does re-grow, usually thicker and glossier than before. It is the "lesser of the evils" and you will have the best of both worlds – a healthy weight and a good head of hair.
This condition should not be confused with alopecia whereby hair comes out in patches which is a medical condition needing treatment by a doctor.
Will I need vitamin supplements while using the Cambridge Diet?
The big plus about Cambridge is that, unlike other diets, you do not need to take extra supplements. Each item offers a third of the recommended daily allowance of all vitamins, minerals and trace elements, so three a day give complete nutrition. The main worry when people go on food-based slimming diets, is that reduction in food means reduced nutrient intake which in turn puts health at risk. It is impossible to achieve complete nutrition from conventional food on less than 1500 Kcal a day. Even then, extensive nutritional knowledge and a wide variety of foods need to be consumed to ensure adequate intake of all those vitamins and minerals. Cambridge has cracked that problem by formulating a diet that gives 100% nutrition and has programmes (up to 1500 kcal per day) using the Diet as a nutritional foundation with conventional food. Cambridge customers have confidence that they can lose weight safely and not put health at risk.​
Source: cambridge company history()

I hope that helps to put your mind at ease.

Love Mini xxx
Very informative I must say Mini. Thank you! My CDC said that there are enough nutrients in the 3 packs that is sufficient for my body to perform well... Since its a phase that most of the CD dieters go through, along with the promise of better hair and better health, I am re-assured:) xx