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Half a shake...

I must admit, to date I hadn't tried splitting my packs as for some reason it just seemed too complicated...:eek:
Today I have been working in the garden (we are putting decking down) and I got ravenous but didn't want to have my first shake too early as I normally leave it till midday so I weighed the contents of a strawberry shake (which is 40gms for anyone else thats interested) spooned 20gms back into the pack and made it up like normal with warm water...
I did worry it would be too thin and watery as I used the same amount of water I usually do which is already more than what you should use, but hands up, it was scrummy....
I now have 21/2 shakes left for the day and feel satisfied to boot :)
Now just working on that water thing....
does anyone else split their packs btw and how much water do you use? do you halve it too? I prefer quantity I think :)
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I always halve my soups but must admit I hadn't tried to halve the shakes but I will try that now :) I prefer quantity too LOL


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yay half shakes! that was the only way for me! When ss'ing i used a 33cl shaker and topped up with almost boiling water each time, even managed third measures sometimes bit thin though.


Yeah I do tend to split my shakes in 2 and still have the same amount of water with them. I started doing it because I felt a little quezy after having them and splitting them helped with this but it keeps me going and I dont feel hungry.

I tend to have my evening on in one go most of the time except at weekends.



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I half my shakes sometimes and use about the same amount of water. I like doing it with the vanilla and adding a spoon of coffee!


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I spilt my breakfast (porridge or shake), but i just take out 2 heaped tablespoons and then use 4oz of water for a shake or just add hot water to the right consistency for my porridge.
I feel less hungry when i do this and find that by 9pm most nights, ive still got the 1/2 sachet left so i go to bed 'satisfied'
i know on lipotrim it wasnt advisable to split the shakes but I was hoping that on CD it was ok. does it effect weight loss at all? i often feel hungry in the evening (but not ravonous) even though Im in ketosis. Splitting at least one shake would probably solve that little evening emptiness.


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i usually want to graze when i'm bored at work so this might solve my problems! Thanks for posting! :)
i know on lipotrim it wasnt advisable to split the shakes but I was hoping that on CD it was ok. does it effect weight loss at all? i often feel hungry in the evening (but not ravonous) even though Im in ketosis. Splitting at least one shake would probably solve that little evening emptiness.
Not sure it could affect weightloss by splitting shakes??
In fact we are getting more fluids and having the same amount of calories so that has to be a good thing.
What reasons did Lipo give for not splitting the packs?
Am just curious....
Lelly am sure you told me 200 times about you splitting packs so why have i never tried this before?
I have to take youngest swimming tonight then have a meeting to go to, so am going to look forward to sitting down tonight with a shake (half pack) and a bar... which then still give me a soup to play with as I have only had half pack so far:) groovy!
Tillyfloss, LT said it affects the blood sugar release and something to do with insulin(sorry Im not technical). they didnt say NOT to do it but advised against it as it could slow down weight loss and nutrient absorbtion. But I like the idea of splitting at least one per day, personally, especailly if it stops me from being hungry and therefore being tempted to pick...Trying to stay 100% so far. On that thought, Lipotrim has quite a different formula so maybe it only applies to them... i will try splitting tomorrow and for the week and see how it affects me.
I have been on CD for 6 weeks now and have always split my shakes, on my scales half a packet is 18g, so I weigh out 18g, put it in a jug, fill my mug up with boiling water and add it to the powder, zap it with my hand blender and then I have a nice full cup of hot chocolate, 6 times a day.... the only time my weightloss slowed down was when I had a bar a day, now I have stopped the bars, my weightloss has sped up again.


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I have never tried splitting the shakes actually sounds good though.
May try it one day.. Glad it worked for you hon . wow you must have been nakered laying decking in the garden.


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I tried splitting one shake - toffee and walnut - and I used about 150ml (out of the 227ml needed for a whole packet), and I was nearly sick because it tasted like muddy water (not that I've ever eaten that!).

I would like to try it again with a stronger tasting shake but for me that one tasted horrible, too weak. Then again I'm still a teenager with a ridiculous sweet tooth so perhaps that's why!


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oh i had forgotten about splitting shakes! i did it when i first started, dunno why i stopped. will def be doing it from now on.

i never used to weigh it, i just shook the sachet before opening until all the powder settled at the bottom, then used a tablespoon just to scoop out half the packet.

dunno how much water i used either as i just used a smaller mug than usual, filled that with boliing water then poured into the blender with the powder...
I split my cappucino shake today and though it was a bit weaker it was still fine :) I'll be doing that from now on.

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Oh my god.....I'm so gonna split some of my sachets now....never even though about it with the soup....what a plan. I'm loving the bars but I really hope they don't slow my weight loss down but I'llsee how I do this week.

Great post, thanks for that.
last timeI was on CD I always split my shakes and mixed and matched flavours - used to put chocolate with vanilla, chocolate with fruits of the forest (used to taste like turkish delight!) and would have them hot also so it would fill me up more so used to have them at 8am 12MD 2pm 4pm and 6pm as I found afternoons were my worst time.

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