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Half term help

:DOk so its half term, I work as teacher so have quite ridged times for eating and find that when on any holiday I tend to slide a little.
I also tend to eat through boredom. I do have lots of work to mark so though I would try to stick to a normal routine as I would if I was normally at work.

I have also lost :sigh:the use of the gym, as I used the work one twice a week for an hour each.

So any ideas to keep me on track and to pass the time [not eating].
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I'm a teacher too and my half term was this week. I've tried to organise my day into some things I like doing (walking, horse riding bit of shopping) and some things I don't (planning, marking, housework!)
I have planned my meals and snacked on fruit mostly but have also had a packet of chipsticks or cheese puffs for 'afternoon break' to make me feel better. Maybe you could get some low syn snacks in for when you feel desperate!!

Will buy all the usual fruit and veg and do my prep as if its a normal working week, so will still have lots to snack on.

Its the exercisse I miss, but as I have my nephew for 2 days as well though he could bring his bike over and we could go for a little ride through the woods, or he can ride and I can jog.
Would it help if you had a really comprehensive plan of everything you can eat during the day that way you can build in all the snacks, you know what you've got for the day and when it's gone it's gone! Re the exercise, do you have a dvd you could do if you get bored or could you just go for an impromptu walk / run to keep you away from forbidden food?! Have a good week off.
I'm a teacher too but I always find I stay on track better when I'm off.

I have more time to plan, shop and prepare meals. I have more time to exercise. Next week I'm going to do something every day; take the dog on a long walk, swimming, wii etc.

I always try out new recipes too.
I'm also a teacher, lol, there are LOTS of us on here. I use 1/2 term weeks to indulge in my inner chef! I cook tonnes of exciting new recipes. I don't have split days, I split my week 2 days for work and the rest off. I also tend to split my "work day" up and include at least 10mins of movement every hour during the day (9-6ish) cause I tend to sit still on "working" days, marking, planning, prepping etc, so I try to get up, make a cuppa and do something stupid, like dance/ clean/ skip etc! Cause I'm so active during school days I worry about sitting still for so long. :)
I too work term time only and have this week off, i have course work to do and ive planned to travel to london mid week to visit the bf so i'll be kept busy hopefully. When boredom sets in for me its when i wanna eat eat eat, but try to keep yourself busy as you would when you're at work and you'll be fine.
I'm a teacher too and find it hard, like I find weekends hard. I will just make sure i've got plenty of fruit to keep myself going when cravings arrive!
Thanks for all the tips and help,

OK so far have marked 40 assignments and completed feedback sheets.

Only stopped at what wouldhave been my break and lunch, lunch was what I would normally have eaten if I had gone to work.
( potaoto rostis, brown sauce and big pot fruit salad with yoghurt poured over the top)
Have just made some more potato rosti's (free) to have during the rest of the week.

Now a bit more marking to get done.

Only day that worries me is Wednesday as I'm going to visit my mum who has never had a weight problem and likes to feed us up when we do visit. So need to be good all week to take that into account.

Now rely must get on with the marking.
Lolol, i'm a lecturer...and boy am i glad i don't get half terms off, otherwise i'd be feeding my face all day!!! :eek:

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