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Half the size and twice the woman


Determination is Key
This I swear to myself. I will not give up. No matter how hard it gets. No matter how bored I get. No matter how little motivation I have some days. I will keep at it.
If I chip away at a massive chunk of stone, I'll eventually end up with a master peice, right?
I want to BE a master peice.

So I haven't been doing so well with the superfree lately. I don't like a lot of fruit. And trust me, I've tried most of them. I like apples, and can just about stand a banana, if I'm in the right mood, but anything else is a no-go.
I do like my veg though, so I think I'll concentrate on that area.
I set a personal goal of 2.5lb a week for as long as I can manage it, until I plateau, at least.
I lost 2lb this week, so I need 3 next week to make up for it.

Motivation? That dress for Xmas.
Come on, Mandy, you can DO THIS!!!
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Determination is Key
So, I made an investment today and bought a slow cooker and a blender. I already had a steamer, which I didn't really use much, but probably will now.

I also spent an absolute fortune on all the ingredients for the super speed soup, so it better taste good lol

Think I'm going to give the SW ferero roche a go tonight, and the superspeed soup a whirl tomorrow.
Have stew lined up for Saturday.

I wonder... the only thing with syns that goes into my stew is a packet of beef and veg soup, which is 2.5 syns. But I make around 6 litres of it, so does that mean it's free per portion, really?


Determination is Key
Thanks for the reply Hannah! I was really hoping it would be free lol. I do enjoy a bowl of it with my HEXB whole meal bread for dinner, and then I usually gulp down a cup of it later to keep those nasty hunger fairies at bay lol

So I've been really motivated the past few days, and have done really well with my third superfree, which I sometimes struggle with. I'm not a huge fan of fruit, and eating the same type of veg all the time gets a bit boring. I suppose it's all in the way you cook it though. I fried up some onions and peppers with frylite the other night and crumbled a chicken stock cube over them with a little water... yum.

I've gone for walks 4 days this week, which doesn't sound like a lot until you look at the awful weather we're having! I'm hoping to get a 3lb loss this week. I lost 3lb the week before I joined SW just by counting calories to give myself a head start, (starting this TODAY, type of thing, rather than "Oh I'll wait for class next Tues) so I'm always 3lb ahead of my SW scales, so although I've lost a stone, I won't get my stone award until I lose another 3lb lol

Let's hope I get there this week! WI tomorrow. Feel like I've lost, but you're never entirely sure, are you?

Even though I've lost a stone, none of my clothes are too big yet, which does make me wonder if I've lost anything sometimes...I know I have, but it doesn't feel like it yet. Get me?
Have a dress I need to fit into for Xmas, BRING IT ON!!!


Determination is Key
Feeling really sort of "blah" lately.
So I ended up in hospital where I was "fasting" for three days. I was eventually fed, on the fourth day - tea and toast, WOW. But when I was released, I just went mental and ate rings around myself until WI.
I had a STS.
Of course I know I had lost weight the week before I was admitted to hospital, but missed my WI as it was on the day after admission. I was very good that week. I was really being very good right up until then. But here's where it got tricky. Since I ate so much junk and fast food after I came home from hospital, I gained whatever I had lost the week before, thereby earning myself a STS.
So I went back to group on Tuesday, and have been finding it very hard to grab any motivation at all. I used to lie in bed every night visualising myself thin as one motivational tool. I have a dress that I'd like to fit into by Xmas, as another.
There are so many tools I used, and... simply... they're not working as well anymore. :(
I'm still not able to exercise or go walking yet, so I kind of feel like I'm not "doing it" like normal, and so I've had to talk myself out of all sorts of bad impulses. I did break and have a battered cod, which according to my bible was 15 syns, but I made up for that the day after. I'm having a hard time fitting in my superfree. I'm not doing much cooking lately, leaving it all to hubby, and he's been great cooking me my meals but he doesn't add the superfree. Like I'd have bacon and eggs, but no fruit after. Or I'd have bolognese but no veg chopped into it.

Ah it's frustrating. I was going so well. I need my inspiration, my focus and my determination back!

Hopefully, when I'm able to do things and be more active, my motivation will come back....

I'm just feeling all "ugh", I suppose, and needed a moan. Where's the best place to moan? My weight loss diary, of course!

Come on, inspiration... I'm waiting on you!

I think sometimes life takes over and when you have been ill your health comes before any diet. I think when you are feeling back to yourself you will be able to focus back on slimming world properly and concentrate on your meal and exercise. Don't be to hard on yourself as we all have little blips and anyway staying the same is great.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
HI MandyD I just wanted to say that i felt really inspired by your 1st post in this diary:

This I swear to myself. I will not give up. No matter how hard it gets. No matter how bored I get. No matter how little motivation I have some days. I will keep at it.
If I chip away at a massive chunk of stone, I'll eventually end up with a master peice, right?
I want to BE a master peice.

Motivation? That dress for Xmas.
Come on, Mandy, you can DO THIS!!!
I know it is really hard sometimes. I fell off the sw wagon recently and ate my way to a 3 lb gain, which was exactly what i had lost the week before. I guess all you can do is pick yourself up, chalk it up to experience and move on - and the motivation only comes from 1 place i'm afraid - YOU!!!

I read loads of other peoples diaries for inspiration and decided i would up my water to 2 litres per day, give up pepsi max (I was a 3 tins aday gal!) and write a food diary for 4 weeks. I have only had 4 days to undo the damage, but they have been a really good 4 days and my 1st wi is tomorrow am, so i will let you know if it has made a difference!

I hope you are feeling better soon and get your mojo back - Come on, Mandy, you can DO THIS!!!


Determination is Key
Thank you both for your replies! Means a lot to me. And thank you, Val for reminding me of my first post. I hope by WI you've lost those pesky 3lb again! x

I will not give up.


Determination is Key
So it's WI today. I'm looking forward to seeing the scale go down, as I've been good, but scared it won't, as I haven't been able to do anything active yet.
But hey, if I have a STS, or even a little gain, that's fine. I haven't been well, and I think next week the scales will be nicer, since I'm a day or so away from being able to get out there and go walking, or cycling and from doing a major clean up in the house, which has quite literally turned into a bomb site since I've not been able to do much.

So... whatever tonight brings, it's just another stop along the journey. Sometimes you end up a little farther from your destination, but then take a shortcut to bring you much closer.
Bring it on!


Determination is Key
Wooohoooo! I lost 5.5lb! I got my stone award and slimmer of the week!
Go me!
Totally motivated for the week ahead!
Fabulous loss Mandy ! you are most definately doing something very very right.
A good way to eat "invisible veg" is to finely grate carrot and finely chop celery (lots) into your bolognese at onion frying stage and if you cook it slowly and for a long time(I put it on 160 in the oven) it will disapear and make a lovely velvety sauce,the meat is much nicer slowly cooked too. Lots of luck !


Determination is Key
Haven't popped my head in here in a long time... I completely forgot about this thread.
So I've gained 6.5lb over the Xmas and New Year period, and it's kind of gotten me down. I'm back at the same weight that I was at the start of November!! I lost an entire month's work, just by relaxing too much over the holidays.
I'm hoping this week will be like starting all over again and I can lose most if not all of that 6.5lb gain and then get started on my Valentines' challenge. I'll be impossible to live with until I'm back on track!
It's really hard to get back to it though, after taking two weeks off plan. Like kicking the habit all over again. C'est la vie... has to be done!
I still want to be a masterpiece!

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