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Half way there

Last time I did CD I stopped at 11.5 stones and ended up putting it all back on. I think it was because I was in a size 12, feeling amazing and thought I didn't need the diet anymore.

I didn't really know too much about stepping up the levels either at the time.

This time round I'm worried that similar thoughts are coming up again and wondered how others deal with them.

What I mean is that I have lose 1 stone CC and 2 stone on CD. I'm into size 14 dresses, skirts and tops, 16 trousers. I am feeling so much better about myself that it's like the incentive has worn off.

I'm no longer completely miserable, paranoid that everyone is looking at me thinking I'm fat. I don't get out of breath, my legs don't rub together at the top...the list is endless.

How, when you get to a point that you're quite happy with, do you keep the motivation to go on?

I'm not on the verge of stopping by any means, but the impetus to lose weight so quickly is disappearing. I need to remember that I set myself a goal and have to get there.
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Cambridge Consultant
Hey Liz......
You are doing so well hon.... and wow half way there already is fab...
I know what you mean about how you feeling I have done other diets previously where I have lost a certain amount and people have said you look good have started to like myself and stopped then put it all back on..
Whilst I have been on cd I have never wanted to stop I want to keep going until I feel fab and to get to my target and maybe below..
It just depends on you hon and where you want to be its not about how much you weigh particulary its how you feel.. but I am sure by being near to your target you will feel fab as that is the target you gave yourself when you started.. dont beat yourself up about your feelings and feeling good just keep going until you feel fantastic and know thats where you feel comftable and would be happy at staying..
Well done hon you are doing so well xx
Thanks hunnie, that's the sort of thing I need to be hearing. I did set that goal and want to get there. xxx
Well done on getting halfway there!
You are doing fabulously well.

What I would say, is just keep going a while longer, try to imagine, if you feel good now, how Fantastic will you feel when you are nearer to your goal??
I was talking to someone recently and he said, you should stop as soon as you are no longer obese...
I said "If you think I have put in all this effort to still be overweight, you have to be kidding!"
I just think if we put in the effort we DESERVE our goal weight, we will look amazing, and it is worth it!
I'm sure you may jiggle your end weight, and thats fine, but get as near as possible so you can judge how you feel!

I totally agree with Curly Water girl. I was 11lbs from goal last time I did CD and stopped and then ended up putting it all back on and more.

I think psychologically it was in my mind 'oh well another diet didnt get to goal so it doesnt matter.'

but of course it does matter and thats why I have had to be on this diet (albeit like Jekyll and Hyde we have days where it is the best one in the world and others where its the pits) for so long this time.

You are so right to feel the way you do and its one of the pitfals because we do start to feel normal and its just our sabtaging demons talking to us like the hunger ones when we arent really hungry.

Icemoose has got a great post about something like this - he puts it so much better then I am but its along the lines of when you start dieting you are desperate to get away from being 'the fat uncomfortable one' but once you have lost a considerable amount of weight then that impetus has gone and a new goal has to be set of wanting to achieve something postive and work towards rather than running away from. (or something like that;))

If it makes you feel any better Im constantly changing my goal between half a stone (depending on hormones) and it veers between

1) POSITIVE MOOD - every time over the last 20 years of dieting I have aimed to be 9 1/2 st and never got there so HAVE to do it this time as otherwise it will be a failed diet AGAIN and there is the worry it will all go back on

2) NEGATIVE MOOD - oh Im pushing myself too far and as long as Im on healthy weight range it doesnt matter and I wasnt built to be too skinny cos I have big boobs so I will start maintenance steps now go to WW get the rest of the weight off slowly and as long as I get into and stay in healthy weight range I will be fine.

So after all that rambling I wanted to say that you are so not alone and I feel exactly the same way as my 14s are getting too big and Im so in my comfort zone of weight now in that Im always about this weight adn everyone keeps telling me how great I look ( cos I know how bluddy awful I did look - bloated fat always tired adn peaky) that like you sometimes the impetus is hard to find to get to goal.

I will try and seek out the post from Icemoose unless KD has some fab words of wisdom to help us...............;)

Sorry for the ramble - we will get there together I promise!!!!!


Going for Goal!
I did a very similar thing - but I think we need to programme our brains to remember that the diet involves the maintenence steps or it isn't successful.

Stick with it girl!

Hugs x x x
Hi everyone, I felt the same way the first time I did CD. Liked myself, could find clothes I liked, started enjoying myself, stopped CD because I wanted more of a social life and felt I could manage... and promptly put it all back on!

I'm right at the beginning of my second CD journey now, so nowhere near that wonderous feeling of yay look at me! But I remember the exact moment of putting on a pencil skirt that I haven't worn for oh 7 years, and it fitting. How I feel now, is that I'm going to get all the way to maintenance because I don't want to give up that feeling and live with fat trousers again. I'm seeing it as two choices. Stay on, all the way and change my life = pencil skirt. And any other option = asda trousers size 18

This is keeping me on the straight and narrow so far, but I've been worrying about getting to that point again, so fantastic to hear everyone's thoughts on this!

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