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Halving the packs to six a day ??

S: 13st4lb C: 13st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi there, I have had a tip from someone who has also lost allot of weight on lipotrim. They suggested that you could half the packs so that you had six portions a day.

Has anyone else done this sounds like a good idea to me to spread it out throughout the day......??

Caz x x
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The advice on the LT dvd is not to split the packs into smaller portions because increased frequency of meals can interfere with ketone production. Looking through these threads though a lot of people seem to be splitting them and still having losses.
I personally try to stick to just three full portions a day, woth lots of water and peppermint tea in between shakes :)


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LT re-trains your brain and your stomach

If you have 6 meals a day on LT your body and mind will want 6 meals a day when you have finished...

Whatever works for ya tho xx good luck


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I have seen ppl use the shakes that way and still lose. However I'd agree with the idea that we are supposed to be retraining our tummys and brains into accepting 3 meals a day!
S: 13st4lb C: 13st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I think you guys are right I was just terrified of the evening time when I did most of my snacking but I guess this is all about re training the body and mind. Hey Ho will have to stick to the green tea in the evening or maybe have my last pack as a mousse.

Thanks your your thoughts guys.

Caz x


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If its the evening time that gets ya then why not split just ya last shake and some some back?? - have 2 normal shakes during the day for brekkie n lunch and then have a small one dinertime and another small one in front of the telly of a night time when its snacking hour??

I have done the pack split thing a few times and never had a problem. I know we are expecting to have 3 meals a day but who in the world ever does that really anyway?? only all the skinie minnies but they are too busy wandering round the house in their bikinis to want to eat anyway ;) LMAO!!

Snacking doesnt HAVE to be bad, its all about the choices you make. There is nothing wrong having a snack attack of an evening when you sit and relax if its something thats not 100000 cals and full of fat!!

I say do whatever works for you. I know plenty of men on these diets that split their 2 packs a day in to 4 and they have losses much bigger than us ladies :)


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just throw my bit in!... my pharmacist said absolutely not..... that it affects ketosis..... but have seen lots of people on here do it, so up to you!
My pharmacist said the same thing, that is, not to break them down, when I asked her. I think people should do what feels right and good for them. After all they are paying for the diet:D


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When I was doing LT, I used to regularly split one of my shakes when I was nightshift, twice a week. It never affected my losses and even when I was not working, the losses were consistent.

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