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Ham crisis!!!

Help - I'm having a ham crisis!! I'm on ss and came in from work this pm after a really busy day, had my bar and just couldnt stop thinking about food - I was absolutely starving and was pacing up and down the lounge trying not to give in. After several glasses of water and feeling no better, I went into the kitchen and had ..... a packet of ham!!! Now I know that in the pre-CD days, the damage would have been a lot, lot worse but I feel like a right pig now and I'm going to have a sleepless night worrying that I've scuppered my weight loss for the week. I wouldnt normally worry too much about it but I'm bang on 15 stone at the mo and I'm desperate to see the 14 stones by Saturday am. I know I'm fretting over nothing and that there are worse things I could have gone for but I just wanted to put this down in black and white and hopefully get a bit of reassurance and a virtual hug or two cos I feel rubbish about it - in fact I feel rubbish full stop right now! :cry:
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One day at a time!
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Oops! It could have been a lot worse though so put it behind you and keep fingers crossed for a good WI. You probably haven't eaten much more than you would have been allowed on SS+ so don't worry too much.

Funny though - the only day so far I have craved food it was ham! And I don't even especially like it!!!
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Try not to beat yourself up about it, focus on getting back on the plan... I have been 100% SS and in my 5th week. Yesterday while making a lunch up I popped a piece of ham in my mouth without thinking, then realised and carried on chewing while deciding what the hell I was going to do! Upshot was I chewed it for like 3 minutes savouring the flavour and then spat it in the bin. How sad am I? Shook my head in disgust at such pathetic behaviour.


WILL be Slim!
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hun, dont beat yourself up over it!
Its over and done with, and it could have been a lot worse (my best mate who is on CD always turns to bread AAARRGGGG!!!)....
put it behind you and get back on the wagon! Hope it doesnt effect your weigh in too much!
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What is it about craving ham? I have never been a big ham eater but I know how you are feeling!
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Dont panic,

I am in my fourth week of SS+ and my cdc has actively encouraged me to have some ham or some protein if I ever feel lightheaded.

As long as you dont turn it into a regular thing it should not cause you a problem and probably hasnt even taken you out of ketosis.

I had a slice of ham at least every day last week and still lost 5 lbs. dont panic
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What is it about craving ham? I have never been a big ham eater but I know how you are feeling!
I think it may be because subconciously we know that ham is low carb and low calorie, and also because we may be craving salt......I work on a deli and everytime I have to slice the ham and bits fall off.......well, you can imagine the scenario!! (That's actually fighting with myself NOT to eat it, not popping it in my mouth like I used to!)

Sweetie, please don't go off the rails for a little ham, we'll all be here waiting to hear about your fab weight loss on Saturday!! xxxx
You wont have scuppered weight loss, but drink water to flush out the salt that was in it, and make sure that you dont do it again, believe me there is a lot worse that you can have!!


Shut up Ethel
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What on earth is it with ham? I could eat packets and packets of the stuff at the moment. That and peanuts*. And its not lovely, hand cured, honey roasted, thick cut, peasanty style ham such as one would get in a fab country pub doorstep sandwich that I want, oh no. Plastic, wafer-thin, 'underwater' ham. Why is that?!!

*peanuts. Are 500 odd calories for a 100g bag. I didn't look at them for long.


Mad as a Hatter
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Non-processed ham or meat has negilible carbs whereas 'wafer-thin' ham is riddled with them... so why don't we crave the non-processed stuff - funny thing cravings aren't they ?



Skinny girl in a fat body
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I love ham and even when I am not on a diet, often have a 1/4 ham for my dinner :). I just love mean all round I think and could easily eat a whole cooked extra tasty chicken from Morrisons.

Edit - I could have ate one, but not now, I can only manage a wing lol lol :)
I'm so glad I'm not alone in my longings for ham!!! How strange is that? Before CD, I was a sweet toothed girl but since being on it, I just dream about savoury stuff all the time - and most especially ham - any ham, on the bone, off the bone, peasanty, processed!!!! There must be something to this and maybe you're right - maybe its our bodies 'needing' it or recognising that, as a low carb food, its probably one of the safest foods to go for.
I'm feeling a bit better today so thanks so much for all your positive comments and your support. They were very much appreciated. I've only lost 1lb this week so far and its my weigh in tomorrow so its gonna be a pretty pants result for all my hard work but I'll just have to pick myself up and start over again in week 7. What a life eh????? xxxxxx :sigh:

lunar jim

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I'm sat here reinstalling my sister's PC, and it's doing my head in because it's Windows, and now all I can think of is ham! Good job there's none in the fridge lol


Shut up Ethel
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Now I have ham-craving all over again. Note to self: do not read this post again. Bum.


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Just been to Tesco late night shopping and they are selling 'ham trim' - thick slices. I did open the pack on the way back and have a couple!!
Oops! Sorry about that! Hope the craving wore off quickly and you didnt succumb like I did - DON'T DO IT!!!!!!! :gen144:


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I am so gutted i read this thread;) couldnt sleep so decided to come on minimins for a bit omg now i want ham what have you done to me i love ham love ham love ham will have to stay on here now to stop a fridge ambush for HAM.:D
Hey Lin! I've just read my own thread and its started me off again - and I knew what the content was!!!! I can't sleep either and it'd be soooo easy to go to the kitchen and partake in a ham fest!!! Be strong though - its seconds of pleasure for hours of regret!!!!!! :ashamed0005: xxxx

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