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Hands up, who's fibbing about dieting?!



Nojo on the YoYo
The girls in our work used the snow as an excuse to eat off-plan on the first day of the diet.

Girl at work: Munch munch on crisps 'Oh because of the snow we didn't go shopping so I can't start the diet yet'
Me: So where did you get crisps?
Girl at work: Munch munch 'from the canteen'
Me: 'Where they also sell snack a jacks and jacket potatoes?'
Girl at work: 'Yeah i'll just start when the snow stops'
Me: 'Hmmmmm'
Girl at work: 'I Will!!! Is there any Christmas chocolate left knocking about?'
Me: *bangs head on desk*


Nojo on the YoYo
Uhoh, 3pm's approaching, we're all in danger, AWOOGA AWOOGA, someone hide the lard, quick!!!!

Stupid article.
*tuts* Crazy work lady! pmsl!

It's a daft article isn't it. If you're doing that, you're not 'dieting' are you?! See, that's why SW is brill. No secret eating any more. I was one of those who'd lie about what I was eating and eating in secret. No more. I can be proud of what I eat! Most of the time. Sometimes I have the curry of shame.


Nojo on the YoYo
Change the curry of shame to the curry of OR and then SUM! You can do it if you B&Q it!

Oh hang on, wrong brand.

I do sometimes have the Rotisserie Chicken of Shame now too, ever since I found out we couldn't have them. I haven't told my boyfriend we can't have them any more so whenever I get one I don't have to hide it.
Were the 2000 people surveyed on Lighterlife I wonder? In which case, no wonder they cheat within 24 hours of being on the "diet"!!!

I can't say I've ever eaten in the dark though? I've had many a choccy bar in secret though that's for sure!
No fibbing here :D Im a happy SWer!!Lol on SW there is absolutly no need to cheat.. as someone said about people on lighterlife.. I have done that and after 8 days gave it up! Am having a good time on this one :D xx


I will succeed!!!
LOL! Whether I was dieting or otherwise, I have NEVER felt the need to hide food in my handbag or eat it under the duvet. They make dieters sound a little crazy! :D

I don't see the point in fibbing about food...what's the gain/benefit? YOU know what you're doing and YOU know you're fibbing and more often than not, the people you're fibbing to know you're fibbing!

Having said that, I know that some of the ladies at group fib. I've seen many members out for lunch (not eating well either), having fish and chips and I saw one lady in the supermarket with nothing good in her trolley - she went red and said it was her hubby's but HE comes to group too! So imagine my internal giggle when he lost and she didn't the week after. Not in a mean way - just her sat there saying 'I don't understand it, I've not been bad at all'. As did the others I've spotted off plan. I once almost said 'fish and chips aren't a HE' when a lass sat there b*tching SW didn't work and all she'd had was her HEs, free foods and healthy syn foods all week...but I'd seen her scoffing on the high street (proving point in article sadly lol).

I dunno, maybe it's the need not to feel like a failure to others and shame, but if you're not prepared to be 100% honest about it it's not going to work. I know before I step on the scales each week what I expect and more importantly, what I deserve.

Sadly there are times when the scales are meaner than deserved (think we've all had weird gains when we have HONESTLY been good) and sadly people probably don't buy it when we say we were good because of the duvet hiding, handbag looting lot ;)

I love the honesty on here - it's one reason I come on. Nobody judges and everyone knows where we're all at because we've all been there before ourselves.

Great post xx
I personally dont like the principles that Lighter Life offer people, its a quick fix diet rather than a healthy eating for life plan.

What im more upset about is that people are not just lying to others but to themsleves. Its sad that people are acting this way when there really are other ways (i.e SW) to lose weight healthily, sensibly, happily and above all where you can eat in front of people.

Crikey, it does nothing for your confidence having to hide, be sneaky and lie!
I have to be honest with myself, otherwise I wouldn't lose weight - duh!! I write it all down every day. It's the only way for me.

I went off plan a couple of times over Xmas and went completely mad on those days. Guess that's why I'm 4bs over target now! If I were to 'fib' to myself, I would just totally fall off the rails.
I'm usually okay at sticking to a diet... until I spend the evening at my parents with my younger siblings... Then it all goes downhill. Maybe the trick is to only ever have telephone contact with them :D
I am back in the Zone, although to be frank I was ok apart from a few nuts and some alcohol over Xmas. I put on 3lbs but half of that was monthly's and lost 1.5lbs this past weigh in so I am pretty confident I am back to the pre-xmas weight, ONWARDS AND UPWARDS I say :)


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Sometimes in class you get the odd person saying how disappointed they are not to have lost, but when you go through what they've eaten it's pretty obvious why they haven't (or why they've put on) Sometimes it's an honest mistake, but often they just can't be bothered to write stuff down or stick to the plan. These are the folk that say SW doesn't work.

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