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TS AAM Hannah's Exante Experience!


Getting her sparkle back

I've just switched over to Exante from Lighter Life. I lost 4 1/2 stone with LL (my LL diary) and reached my goal weight and completed the route to management so was back eating food (My RTM Diary). However, whilst people around me kept saying how great I look deep down I still felt a bit 'heavy' for me.

This unhappiness kept niggling away at me over the holidays. So I made the decision to join Exante to lose my final bit of weight! I loved LL but Exante is just so much cheaper, and since i'm at home for the holidays (I live in Wokingham but go to Uni in Manchester) and my LL counsellor is in Manchester I can't get any packs from her, and it's just so much easier being able to order Exante online. Plus i've found that I have the willpower to do it on my own, as I missed a few LL meetings but always stuck on track. So fingers crossed I do ok!

My dream weight is 10 stone 7 pounds. So to get there I need to lose 27 pounds...fun, fun, fun! This will make me over a stone lighter than I was when I finished lighter life, so if I start to feel like i've 'gone too far' I might stop before then, but for now that's my goal :)

I ordered the bumper pack, so am enjoying trying all the flavours! Yesterday my day went as follows
12pm: Banana Shake (Ok, but tasted slightly metallic?)
3pm: 1/2 a chocolate orange bar
6pm: Thai Chicken Soup (Nice, much more 'chickeny' than the LL one!
9pm: The remaining 1/2 of the chocolate orange bar.

Drank buckets of water, black coffee and black tea, and so far haven't had any headaches which is good!

Am already excited to weigh myself next monday, i love the first week weight loss!

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Hi Han, you'll get used to the new packs in no time. Also only having 3. I usually split my bar too, its no problem later when you're not really hungry :) x


Getting her sparkle back
Thank you Lucy, Julie and Joanne!

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday but with different flavours
12pm: Strawberry Shake (Not what I expected, the strawberry flavour wasn't as strong as I thought it would be)
3pm: 1/2 Toffee Raisin bar (Quite yummy!)
6pm: Mushroom Soup (not too bad, tasted quite similair to the thai chicken actually!)
then at 9pm I have the second 1/2 of my toffee bar to enjoy while watching Silent Witness and drinking black tea!

Oooh today I also had my first taste of bouillion. I bought the marigold version from tesco this evening and was very excited to try it. To me it tastes like the liquid you get in a pot noodle...if that makes sense?! Quite yummy! But will limit myself to one cup a day max.

Whilst i've been 100%, mentally i'm finding it alot harder than last time. Think because when I joined LL I was so ready to lose weight and did it because I really wanted to, now I kind of feel like i'm doing Exante because I have to, not want to. Which I know sounds silly, think I just got so used to eating. But I know once I get into ketosis i'll feel so much better and i'm doing this to make myself feel better which I need to remember!

Hope everyone is doing well :)


Gold Member
Good luck

Totally get where you're coming from on the having to vs wanting to issue

You can do this - will be so much easier once the ketosis fairy visits


I will never give up


Getting her sparkle back
Thank you Toots, Spyro and Shanny!

Am doing quite well, am happy i've made it to day 3, as I always think the first 3 days are the hardest. Think I have finally reached the magical land of ketosis, but am annoyed as left my ketostix in Manchester so can't actually test it. Just don't feel hungry and don't feel quite as groggy as I did yesterday! But am still not bouncing with energy, took my dog for a walk and came back feeling knackered! Feel similair to how I did towards the end of my time on lighter life abstinence so maybe it's my bodies way of rebelling! No energy, just feel a bit lifeless. But am hoping things get better and it's great not feeling hungry!

12pm: Vanilla Shake (Not as sweet as the Lighter Life one, but was ok)
3pm: 1/2 Chocolate Orange Bar
5pm: Cup of Boullion (1/2 tsp)
6pm: Tomato and Basil Soup (was expecting to HATE this but actually really liked it, it's my fave soup so far!)
8pm: 1/2 Chocolate Orange Bar

Have been a bit slack drinking water...but have been drinking tons and tons of black coffee and black tea. I just can't face drinking water when it's so cold! But the Exante booklet does say that coffee/tea count towards water intake so hopefully it's not doing me any harm!

Am just dying for it to be Monday now so I can weigh myself! I got into the habit of weighing myself everyday so it's torture not getting on the scales, but then I do love it when you don't weigh yourself for a week then have a big loss! Makes it all worthwhile :) So fingers crossed for monday!

Hope everyone is doing well, am loving reading everyones diaries and threads, is keeping me on track

OOOOh forgot to add, my stomach has been rumbling like a beast all day!! I know it's not hunger, and I remember my LL counsellor saying it has something to do with air, but its driving me crazy! Is so loud and it makes me feel like i'm hungry, even though i'm not...if that even makes sense! haha!
Good luck for monday


Getting her sparkle back
Thank you Toots! I know I shouldn't be wishing the days away but I just have my fingers crossed for a good first loss to give me the motivation to keep going!

Am pretty certain I am definitely in ketosis now, have more energy and pretty much no hunger!

Today I had:
12pm: Banana Shake
3pm: 1/2 Toffee Raisin Bar
6pm: Vegetable Soup (not quite as nice as the lighter life one, but wasn't horrible!)
8pm: 1/2 Toffee Raisin Bar

I've got into a routine with the packs now, and i've now tried all the flavours except for chocolate (i tend the have the chocolate ones hot and haven't fancied a hot shake yet!) but am so happy that I like all the flavours. Makes me glad I ordered the bumper pack as it does work out so much cheaper. So far I don't really have any favourite flavours, to me all the shakes and all the soups pretty much taste the same. I like the bars as it's nice having something to chew on, but I do feel quite 'liquidy' at the moment, feel like my body is turning into jelly! Took my brother to get a macdonalds today and the smell was criminal, smelt so good! I did momentarily consider having a chicken nugget, then I just thought 'whats the point' and carried on! This is how I know i'm definitely in ketosis, as when I was on lighter life I had willpower of steel and could say no to everything as I just have no appetite, and it's the same now.

Am wondering if I should do some exercise, but I actually found when I was on lighterlife that the weeks I attempted to exercise I had lower losses, and since I want to be on Exante for as short a time as possible (not that I don't like it, just that i get side effects from VLCD's, most noticably my hair has started falling out again and it was already pretty thin from lighterlife) I don't want to jeporadise my losses, so think i'll give it a miss for now.

Hope everyone has had a good day


I will never give up
Glad your doing well hun my hairs a joke its so thin i wander if it will ever get back to normal.
Hiya I like the way you even your packs out I must try that on the weekend.
I was going to try the gym this week, but have decided to wait till week3 now. But do miss my classes now.
You sound really positive well done you. X


Getting her sparkle back
Glad your doing well hun my hairs a joke its so thin i wander if it will ever get back to normal.
Hi Spyro, I've just started taking special tablets that are meant to stop hairloss and promote regrowth, but it takes at least 2 months to notice results according to the leaflet :( But anythings worth a go I guess! I'll let you know how I find them :) According to both Lighter life and Exante, hair loss is a common side effect that should return to normal when food is reintroduced so fingers crossed our hair will go back to normal one day!


Getting her sparkle back
Hiya I like the way you even your packs out I must try that on the weekend.
I was going to try the gym this week, but have decided to wait till week3 now. But do miss my classes now.
You sound really positive well done you. X
Thanks Shanny!
I find that having all my packs after 12pm works for me as it means I get to eat something roughly every three hours so I don't really get a chance to feel hungry :)


Getting her sparkle back
Well another two days succesfully under my belt...wohooo!
Must admit I have had food envy as my brother had KFC for dinner tonight, last night he had Pizza Hut and the day before he had Macdonald's for lunch! But he's one of those lucky people who can eat ANYTHING and still stay skinny as a rake! (dam him getting the good genes!) But stayed strong, despite the gorgeous smell of fast food and have still been 100%. Am now firmly in ketosis as really have no appetite, I only find myself looking forward to the bars as it's nice to have something to chew on. Have a new love for black tea which I never thought i'd like without milk but its providing a nice change from black coffee, so I alternate the two along with boring water! Think because the weather is so cold i'm finding it harder to drink water than when I did LL during the summer. I always find as well that after i've had a glass of water I feel a lot colder, I feel cold generally (damm ketosis!) but drinking water seems to make it worse! Or maybe that's just my excuse to drink more coffee haha!

Have also finally tried the chocolate shake hot and the vanilla shake hot! Had the choc hot yesterday with a spoonful of coffee and two sweeteners...DELICIOUS! And whipped it up with my hand blender so it was like a lovely frothy mocha. And did the same today with the vanilla shake which was also divine! Am not sure what the banana would taste like hot...i've read of people doing it on here but am a bit apprehensive to give it a go! But think i'll bite the bullet on Monday, tomorrow i'll definitely be having another hot chocolate and i'm looking forward to it already!

Was sorting out my packs today and noticed that I have way more soups than shakes and bars, have 21 shakes and bars left which is the correct amount to last me to the end of the 4 week supply. But somehow I have 28 soups! Have looooads of Vegetable packs. Am guessing they accidentally gave me an extra 7 packs. I should have counted them when they arrived but oh well! Means I have some spare packs incase of emergency :) Has anyone else ended up with extra packs too?

Only one more day until Monday, can't wait to step on those scales!
Hope everyone is doing well :)
I'd pocket the extra veg Han and keep schtum! I've been taking something for my hair too, it stopped it coming out in handfuls after a week so I'll defo keep taking it. Do try the banana and strawberry hot, you'll be surprised! May need a sweetener xx
Hi Hannah,

I too will be weighing in on Monday even though I've only be on TS for 5 whole days at that point as I want my WI day to be Monday. I did 2 days 'preparation' before starting TS by lowering my carbs and calories so hopefully won't be much of an issue only having done 5 days.

Good luck for tomorrow, I can't weight to see if the hard work has paid off



I will never give up
what are you two taking for your hair as mine has been coming out loads and its so thin now.
I did a lot of research and ended up splashing out on Nourkrin extra strength. Expensive but had very good reviews, and definitely stopped mine coming out very quickly. I bought on eBay, much cheaper. It supports new growth too, so hoping it will counteract VLCDs effect. I was getting quite scared and upset every shower time, nearly stopped me doing Exante, happy now :D xx

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