Happy first birthday to me!


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As of midnight I've done 1 year on the Cambridge Diet. Apart from a couple of holidays and the odd blip here and there it's been Sole Source all the way!
I've lost 11 stones and 10lbs and feel great!
My BMI was 53 and is now 24.something!
When I started my height and hip measurement were identical at 5 feet 4 inches - I was the true human weeble! Don't know what my hips are now as I can't find my tape measure but I wear Next size 10 jeans - a bit different from Evans size 32:D

A BIG thank you to everyone who has supported/cajoled/scolded/comforted me on my journey especially my lovely CDC Pip (Fireflies uk) and Anja (Bakerfa) for being the best board buddy. I'd love to list you all but Mini would tell me off for writing such a long thread! Gotta mention the WeMITTS tho - as you all rock!!!

Mega thanks too for Mini and Pierce for making this board happen - I wouldn't be where I am today without it!

So to everyone out there having doubts or set backs on your VLCD journey - go for it, follow the plan, drink the water and you WILL lose the weight - no one was more weak willed and hopeless around food than me!
VLCD's do work and it is possible to win the battle.
Now all I have to do is win the war and with the continuing help and support of the wonderful people on this site I know I can.

So thanks everyone - I owe you:D

We owe YOU even more XXX
OMG - you are amazing, what an inspiration. I just cannot believe what you have achieved in a year. Hugs and Congratulations, Love
You are true inspiration!

Hi there,

I have been on CD for just over 2 weeks now and know I have a long journey to get to my goal weight but I am soooooo determined to do it. Knowing that you have made it to your year anniversary has inspired me as I know I will need to take over a year myself. My hubby (Jamesky) will get to his goal a lot sooner but we are in this together.
I can't imagine shopping for clothes in anywhere other than Evans or online at JDWilliams...but my goal is to buy clothes from Next.

Well done, you must feel so different now to the person who started. I hope to have a similar post next September. Heres hoping.

Helen x
What a fantastic acheivement! You are amazing and a real inspiration to all of us. Well done xx

Your thread brought tears to my eyes when I sat back and realsied just how far you had come.

You have been an inspiration right from the start and your emails to me are saved carefully and I have a look at your hints and tips when Im low and it really helps.

I have so much admiration for you and I cannot put into words how thrilled I am for you.

All I can say is a huge, massive tremendous well done. but also a thank you as well, without this site and yours and other peoples journeys to help me I would be sat at 16stone+ and im now in the 12s.

Much love and hugs to you Ailsa, And have a fantastic VLCD birthday x

congratulations what a great achievement, you are a great inspiration to us all , and have given me hope, so i thank you for that. Well done. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx