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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Seconded! ANyone have any plans?

I am celebrating in my usual fashion - probably falling asleep on the couch until about 11:45 - waking up, mumbling Happy New YEars and trotting off to bed!! :D Such a party animal me!! :D

Hubby has to work night shift anyway, so will be tucked in with my cats and a bottle of bubbly. Water. :D

So anyone doing up the town?? :)


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happy new year to all too!

i am going to a house party which will be great - lots of dancing and drinking (in moderation of course!)

last year we rolled in at 4.30am - going to try and be a bit earlier tonight.

looking forward to wearing my lbd again!
daisy x


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Happy New Year to you all for later too.

I look forward to this part more than any of the rest of it. When we finally open the doors to let the old year out and the the new one in I feel a sense of release I guess you'd call it. It's like when you finally can use that new diary with clean, virgin pages all hopefully waiting to be filled with exciting events. No dog ears, ink blot or weeks you'd really rather tear out!!!

Have fun all and onwards and downdwards!!!


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Seconded! will be tucked in with my cats and a bottle of bubbly. Water. :D

Hey did you get new cats? :D Last time i logged on here i think you had sadly just lost your moggy :cry:

Im a real animal lover and have 6 rescue dogs plus one foster and just wondered if you had got yourself some new cats ;)

I am working at my local rugby club tonight so will be easy for me to stay on my packs. No drinking while at work and no eating, but i get to watch everyone else get merry and have a good time :p