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hard 2nd week

I was so focused in my first week but this week has been hard and i cheated (quite badly on wednesday)Im so disappointed with myself.Im trying really hard to get back on track but am not yet in ketosis and have got a couple of social events this weekend.Im not sure how i am going to get on.
Anyway ive been for my second weigh in today after 4 days as i cant make monday when i should be going.I wasnt going to go as i felt so guilty but i lost a pound!!
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hey at least you lost, well done. Can you remember why you cheated? Apart from hunger ;)

Tackle your food issues one at a time woman.

Just keep trying...it'll get easier I promise.


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Just try to stay focused when out at social events etc, drink plenty of water & have a shake just before you go....you can do it!!!! well done on the 1lb loss better off than on....good luck!!!! caz xx
hi well done on the loss take 1 day at a time when you feel hunger drink some water/black tea/black coffee come on here if poss read the posts anything to take your mind of it
all the best


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well done on losing weight. A good way to get round social events is to simply promise yourself you can and will get through them without cheating and focus on the enjoyment of being with friends....think back to a great time you had at a party....do you remember the food....the drink or is it more the people and the fun you had....
i did that last time, but ive decided this time its 1 day at a time.. if you fall down, pick yourslf up and put the 'blip' behind you and move on to the next day..

good luck getting back into it and think of WHY your doing it.. good luck
Second week was hard for me as well, all I can say is that it genuinely got easier from week 3 onwards as I stopped feeling hungry - never stopped craving food - but definetly stopped feeling as hungry after week 2.

Good luck!
Hi guys thankyou for all your postive advice
you are all a great bunch and i will definately keep going :D:D
well done, a loss is a loss and it was only a blip, find out where ya went wrong and move on from it, ya can do it

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