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  1. fraggle1805

    fraggle1805 Full Member

    I started this at over 20 stone and my ideal weight is 8ish stone. I bet I haven't been that since I was probably 8. It's hard to aim for something I have never had. I can't ever imagine being that small. My first aim is just to be obese and take it from there!!
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  3. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    i agree with you there fraggle i keep telling everyone i was born this way lololol i just take at half a stone at a time now and everytime i get in to a new 20 something i feel so chuffed x x i cannot wait to say the teens instead lolol
  4. J4ffa

    J4ffa Full Member

    As said take it bit by bit as long as you know your doing your best thats all you can do but if anybody else notices even better.

    The weight im trying to get is above what the doctors say i should be but what do they know
  5. fraggle1805

    fraggle1805 Full Member

    Yeah I think mine will be higher than it should be. I think you have to think about what you can maintain long term.

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